Emmett Till’s Family Talks New Details Surrounding His Death


Roland Martin High Res

1/30/17- Roland Martin talks to Erica Gordon, of the Mamie Till Mobley Foundation and Wheeler Parker Jr. about the stunning new details that reveal a lie told by the key witness in Emmett Till’s case.

“We weren’t surprised because we always known the truth. My cousin was there…they told us the truth. We’ve always known that the woman lied. What was surprising to hear that she came out and said that she lied. What has angered the family is that this author received this information and withheld it from DOJ,” Gordon said.

Click the link below to hear the entire interview.


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4 thoughts on “Emmett Till’s Family Talks New Details Surrounding His Death

  1. No question she is “LIE-A-BLE” for Emmitt Till’s murder and for the pain it caused his family.
    Mrs. Till was a Civil Rights heroine for demanding that the world see what hate did to her only child–just because he was Black. The same thing is going on today in the 21st century!! One thing I know for sure, is that all of the white racist hate-filled demons back then and even now are going to burn to a crisp in HELL!! Believe this: You can pay NOW or you can pay LATER–but you WILL PAY!!

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Wow… Not surprising, but extremely sad. There is no statute of limitaions in murder and she should be arrested, handcuffed and thrown into jail for the rest of her life. She killed an innocent boy! The coffin pictures of Emmitt Till will always be burned into my memory and my consciousness as a reminder of what our parents, grandparents and the rest of our brothers and sisters of those times endured…we MUST not forget and we MUST honor our forefathers from Africa, to slavery and those of us who’ve lost fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers to the evil of racism and white racists of those times…stop using the N WORD! Black people sound so FREAKING STUPID and disrespectful when they do this…teach your children our history, hold each other accountable for our behaviors, band together and build strong communities and strong a strong financial foundation…if we don’t, our ancestors blood shed was wasted on these recent generations.

  3. J E Howe on said:

    Just like OJ’s ex-wife family sued for the proceeds from the book about her death so should emmitt Till’s family and what happens to the wrongful death lawsuit

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