Get Well Wednesday: How To Combat Election Stress


Jen Caudle

Dr. Jen Caudle s a Board Certified Family Physician and Assistant Professor at Rowan University. She frequently appears as a health expert on The Dr. Oz Show, CBS 3 Philadelphia News, Fox News, CNN, HLN and others.

As we near the Presidential Inauguration, I have noticed that many people are experiencing lots of different emotions. I see this in the patients that I treat- some are thrilled, some are excited, and some are sad and feel hopeless. The range of emotions that I have witnessed in patients is quite wide.

Believe it or not, our emotions can affect our health. I have seen patients who were disappointed and sad about the election results come to the office with health issues that they attributed to the stress of the election. One patient I saw had a headache. When I asked her what she thought was triggering this, she said that she was concerned about the election results and felt this triggered her migraine.

If you are feeling stress as a result of the election and the upcoming inauguration, here are some tips for dealing with this stress:

  • Talk about how you feel with friends, family, your doctor even.
  • If 24-hour news coverage and social media are getting you down, minimize your exposure to them. Restrict how much you watch tv or are on social media to help with stress.
  • Keep things in perspective. Our government is a large system and network and the president is just one part of this large network. Try to remain positive and hopeful and understand that your fears may not become reality.
  • Focus on what you CAN control:
  1. Turn your feelings into something productive- by doing this you will not only help others, but you will help yourself as well
  2. Volunteer, run for office (perhaps), donate to charities that are important to you, etc. Focus on what you can do to be the change you want to see.
  3. Make this your healthiest year yet!
  4. Keep up your routine
  5. Don’t get down in the dumps to the point that you stop living your life. On the contrary, continuing with your daily life and activities can be very helpful in dealing with stress and anxiety.

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