YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP) — Police in Ohio are accusing a woman of selling sex for $60 and some nachos.

Officers near Youngstown say they arrested 36-year-old Crystal Hotlosz during an undercover operation Monday.

Beaver Township police say an officer texted the woman after seeing an online advertisement for sex services.

Officers say she first wanted $50 and some nachos and later upped her price to $60.

Police say that when the undercover officer later met the woman in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant, she asked if he had the extra money and her nachos.

WKBN-TV in Youngstown reports Hotlosz has been charged with solicitation and possession of criminal tools.

A message seeking comment was left with her attorney on Friday.

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(Photo Source: WKBN.com)

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8 thoughts on “Ohio Cops: Woman Offered To Sell Sex For $60 And Some Nachos

  1. if the girl was younger the cop probably would have done it. stupid world. stupid story. people have bad sex everyday for free as it is. why isn’t that the crime? why is the guy in the picture? wimpy man makes a woman go get him some nachos.

  2. She was overcharging. You can pay $20 or less with much prettier females, and they did NOT demand nachos! Wait till the end of the month, when everyone has spent their food stamp $ and SSI, and business is tight for the ladies, then negotiate. When I worked for the NC State Health Department’s HIV/STD program in Winston-Salem, NC during the early 90s, some of the girls on Liberty Street told me they would “do it” for a box of Church’s Chicken.

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