Ferris wheels are known for going round-n-round, but on Sunday in northern Ohio, one was one going up and down. Literally.

A Taco Bell manager in Dallas allowed a wrong order to lead into a million-dollar lawsuit after dousing two customers in scalding hot water.

A trans woman incarcerated in a NJ women's prison was transferred to a facility with men after she got two cis female inmates pregnant.

Cops in the Medellin suburb known as Bello inadvertently caused a contact high throughout the town due to lingering smoke from seized weed.

South African boxer Simiso Buthelezi has sadly died from internal brain bleeding following a viral video of him punching air mid-fight.

A recent Southwest Airlines passenger provided yet another reason to reconsider booking your next flight after being arrested for masturbating in front of a woman on four occasions throughout their three-hour flight.

The recent murder of a Maryland rapper proved to be quite hard on his family, but they made sure that his final performance was an everlasting one by erecting his dead body up at a nightclub and hosting a funeral service so that all his loyal loved ones could pay their final respects face-to-face.

A Florida father was crushed to death in a porta-potty when a coworker accidentally ran it over in a bulldozer.

An unconfirmed report of Queen Elizabeth II's death by way of Hollywood Unlocked has caused mass confusion and led to a social media roast session for Jason Lee and his gossip blog.

A Black man in South Florida was arrested this week after he tried to kidnap a biracial autistic 5-year-old child away from his white father because he questioned paternity.

So… I’m not normally the type of person to kink shame, but we really need to talk about these weird-a** fetishes that seem to be running rampant on Fox News and in the warped world of right-wingers in general. Why do Fox News pundits and their guests have their star-spangled Klanny-panties all in a bunch […]

An Ohio pastor is being investigated by police for running multiple illegal funeral businesses across the state. He is now facing a slew of new charges after investigators uncovered the remains of 89 people in boxes and bags at his abandoned church in Akron.