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Popsugar. com shared an awesome story of a good deed, all the way from Albury, Australia.

When Tyson Crawley stopped to get some diesel for his truck and coffee before work, when he got to the register he realized he didn’t have his new debit card with him. We know the drill, right? Check and see if you have another card you can use. Crawley, a bit embarrassed, tried to use another card — but dang, he blanked on the card’s PIN number.

Now faced with a $110 bill, his dogs barking in the truck outside, and the reality that he was now definitely going to be late for work, he began to sweat bullets.

Then a total stranger walks in and comes up to him. The stranger had actually been in the store previously to get some coffee and noticed Crawley and his dilemma; so he came back in and asked the man if he needed some cash.

But that was a lot of money so at first, Crawley declined the kind offer. But then he asked if it would be OK to get the man’s number so he could transfer the money back to him as soon as he got home.

He asked the man to write his name and phone number down on the receipt.

Which he thought he saw the man do.

But when he looked at the receipt, “John” had simply written his name and the message, “Pass it on.”


Before we go any further, how many assumed Crawley, the white dude, was the giver?

You’d be wrong.


In the article, Crawley elaborates and even shares the receipt on his Facebook page.

After a bit of investigating, Tyson Crawley discovered that the kindness had been extended to him by a man named John Kennedy Jr., (thumbs up in the photo above) who was a former ice hockey player from Michigan who now worked for some geotech company.

John Kennedy, Jr. spoke with Mashable about the encounter and said, “I saw a brother in need and just wanted to help.” Adding, “Tyson asked me to write my number down and I didn’t want him to return the money, I just thought ‘pass it on’ as in pass on ‘something good.’”

At Popsugar press time the story had received 900 reactions, 200 shares, and 100 comments on Facebook. But these numbers have no doubt changed since then.

The Mashable article has 2.4K shares!

Both men are shocked at the response their story is getting because after all, good news doesn’t sell.

And just look at the smiles on those faces; especially on the face of the giver. I am sure his genuine act of kindness left him walking on Cloud 9.

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