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SALINA, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas man who returned a $1 million lottery ticket to a customer who left it on a store counter says he has no regrets about giving up the prize money. Kal Patel, whose parents own the Pit Stop convenience store in Salina, returned the ticket to a longtime customer after […]

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Popsugar. com shared an awesome story of a good deed, all the way from Albury, Australia. When Tyson Crawley stopped to get some diesel for his truck and coffee before work, when he got to the register he realized he didn’t have his new debit card with him. We know the drill, right? Check and […]

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In eight years, Utah has quietly reduced homelessness by 78 percent by giving people homes and is on track to end homelessness by 2015. Utah figured out that the annual cost of E.R. visits and jail says for homeless was about $16,670 per person, compared to $11,000 to provide each homeless person with an apartment […]

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Men of the cloth all over the U.S. sacrifice each day for their congregations, putting in thousands of hours of personal time mentoring the young, praying for the sick and caring for the less fortunate. Last winter, Chicago pastor Rev. Cory Brooks of New Beginnings church took his commitment to his church to the next […]

GABRIELLE UNION talks with TJMS about her character role of Natalie in Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, in theaters today