9/21/16- Roland Martin talks to former Attorney Eric Holder about AirBnB’s recent troubles with racism and what the company is doing to combat the issue.

“The company hired me and Laura Murphy to deal with this issue. It’s a leader in the sharing economy. It’s founded on the basis of inclusion and respect. They’ve come up with an anti-discrimination policy. It will hold people responsible and throw them off the platform. They are also looking at ways they can decrease the importance of photos,” Holder said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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6 thoughts on “Eric Holder Has Been Hired To Help AirBnB Combat Racism

  1. I am wondering how comme nowthere are more black chief of police (spokenmen) then more shootings onminorities, and do those chief themselves happen to understand the real factsof the momentum? Versaint

  2. Screw AirBnB!!!!

    There are enuff people of color in this country to start our own organization such as this.
    That way we can provide affordable/safe housing for visitors and make a profit in the process.
    This organization should designate that we cater to people of color ONLY!!!!!

    We need to stop going to parties that we are not welcomed at!!!!!
    Host our own parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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