Learn why Beyonce changed her lyrics from Spaz to Blast in her song "Heated" and Air BNB is receiving backlash for listing a former slave cabin.

Airbnb has come under major scrutiny recently after some listings proudly boasted about being built on the grounds of former slave cabins.

A couple is suing an Airbnb in Maine after the host planted a hidden camera in the bedroom and allegedly recorded them having sex.

Airbnb is introducing a new experiment in Oregon to combat prejudice users from denying people housing rentals based on their racial background by making it so hosts only see the initials of potential guests.


ORINDA, Calif. (AP) — Airbnb’s CEO said the company was taking actions against unauthorized parties in the wake of a deadly shooting at a Halloween party held at an Airbnb rental home in California. In a series of tweets, Brian Chesky said Saturday the San Francisco-based company is expanding manual screening of “high risk” reservations […]


Every few months, social media lights up with a story or viral video about discrimination in home-sharing: A host kicks out a black guest or cancels a gay couple’s booking or doesn’t respond to a Muslim woman’s inquiry. The dominant brands — Airbnb, and VRBO — work quickly to contain the damage. They may […]


UPDATED: 6:46 p.m. EDT — Airbnb has removed a racist host from its website a viral video exposed the woman bias toward the group of Black guests in New York City. A representative for the online platform that facilitates homes being shared sent an email to NewsOne saying that the host was removed from the platform. […]

Recently, three Black women were racially profiled and accused of stealing from a home in Rialto, California when they were checking out of their AirB&B. Why? Because they didn’t waive back at a white woman who waved at them which prompted her to call the cops. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Kelly Marshall and Donisha Prendergast the […]

On Thursday’s I like to give you an injustice rundown to tell you all about not just incidents of police brutality, but of racism and discrimination as well. Before I do that, I want to make two quick points. First, people often ask me why I share videos of police brutality if we’re getting so […]

While leaving their Airbnb, three Black women were surrounded by multiple cop cars and a helicopter after cops received a report from a neighbor who believed that the women were stealing according to Reason. Kells Fyffe-Marshall, one of the women staying in the Airbnb recorded the entire ordeal and posted it to Facebook. Several police cars […]

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Danny Glover was shouted down at a rally for Airbnb hosts in the New York state Capitol Tuesday when activists working on behalf of a union for hotel workers infiltrated the event and began heckling the 71-year-old actor. Glover had just began speaking at the event when the protesters began yelling […]

“We are not afraid. You will not divide us.”—Unite the Right. White supremacists are scrambling to find lodging in Charlottesville, Virginia for their rally on August 12 — but Airbnb says there are no rooms available for racists. I commend Airbnb for their bold stance: The global housing rental company is sending a strong message […]