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Young women exercising with small barbell in dance studio

On those days when you don’t have time to do your regular workout—when you’re traveling or in meetings daylight to deep in the night, or something unexpected happens—you don’t have to totally lose your exercise routine. In just a few minutes, you can burn get your heart pumping faster and burn 100 calories. These 10 ways will torch 100 calories and keep you on track. Don’t let those super busy days harm your health.

These 10 ideas are for a person weighing 130-150 pounds. If you weigh more, you can shorten the duration, but if you weigh more, add a couple of minutes to ensure a burn of 100 calories.

1. Take the stairs. Climbing 15 minutes and burn 137 calories. Take a 15-minute break, go to the staircase and set your phone alarm or time yourself for 15 minutes.

2. Run a 5-minute mile. By the time you are 4 and ½ minutes in, you’ve burned 100 calories. Can’t go outside? Run in place at your desk.

3. Ride a stationary bike at 20 mph for 4 minutes 54 seconds.

4. Work on the lawn. Pull weeds for 17 minutes, rake leaves for 20 minutes, or dig dirt for 16 minutes.

5. Do calisthenics. Spend 15 minutes on lunges, light body weight squats, jumping jacks, knee-ins, and get-ups burn 137 calories.

6. Walk. Burn 117 calories walking 4 mph for 20 minutes. Walk in place if you cannot get outside. Walk in place while watching television.

7. Vacuum. Vacuuming for 28 minutes burns 100 calories. It’s a great way to sneak in some exercise.

8. Chop firewood. Chop wood for 5 minutes and burn 100 calories.

9. Swim laps. Swim 12 minutes and 100 calories disappear.

10. Mow the lawn with a push mower. Improve your lawn for 14 minutes and zap 100 calories.

T.J. McCord is a fitness trainer and performance enhancement specialist based out of Mobile, AL. He believes that there are no limitations on the human body when creating innovative programs for his clients. Be sure to visit for more information, programs, and tips. 

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