On the last Monday of May, we celebrate Memorial Day. This American holiday began as a way of honoring all the men and women who died during the Civil War, but eventually, it was the day we honor all soldiers of all wars who fought to keep the United States free.

Memorial Day is the special day we pause to consider all we owe these brave men and women who gave their lives or were wounded in the defense our freedom and kept the United States a free, democratic country, a luxury we too often take for granted. Similar to the fish who doesn’t realize that not all things live in water, we sometimes forget to be thankful for the magnitude of the many privileges and freedoms we have.

It takes warriors to build a country where freedom is the rule, rather than the exception. Memorial Day is a time to honor those wounded warriors who have made our lives of freedom possible. We can honor those wounded warriors every day by seeking to emulate their courage to fight against destructive forces.

Warriors Fight

What happens when an enemy is not confronted and defeated? They win and the noble cause suffers. Are you a warrior? Do you know your enemy?

The daily enemy for most of us is a typical, unhealthy lifestyle. Make No Mistake: it is deadly.

It is hard to recognize. Just like the water surrounding the fish, the status quo becomes common and we live it with little contemplation. Of course, we eat dessert after dinner. Of course, we grab a doughnut on the way to work. Of course, we do not exercise. Of course, we are overweight. Isn’t everyone? Unfortunately, yes. Nearly everyone is overweight.

It leads to illness, early disability, and death. Follow the status quo and grow tired, weak, sick and in pain. It gets worse with each passing year and ends with dependence on others.

What are you waiting for? Get up and fight! Memorial Day is the perfect day to begin fighting the status quo. Resist the roar of unhealthy eating. Resist the call of no exercise. Press forward with determination. It won’t be easy at first. It won’t be fun at first. BUT – it will be soon. Most important, it will give you energy, vitality, strength, and mental clarity, your new Normal!

Quikfits creates warriors! Join un and set a new course for your life. Good riddance to the past. Focus on the future.

T.J. McCord is a fitness trainer and performance enhancement specialist based out of Mobile, AL. He believes that there are no limitations on the human body when creating innovative programs for his clients. Be sure to visit for more information, programs, and tips. 

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