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Former Gap Band icon turned successful solo act Charlie Wilson knows a little something about addiction. He battled it for years and is, today, drug-free. He spoke briefly on the speculation that Prince may have succumbed to prescription drug addiction in the last years of his life, possibly due to hip and ankle problems.

Though nothing has surfaced yet to prove or disprove any abuse and Prince was well-know for his almost monastic lifestyle in recent years, Wilson says that eventually the truth will come out. As a former addict, he says that today, he won’t take any drug at all, no matter what.

He told an audience during a session of “Sybil’s Book Club” on The Fantastic Voyage 2016 that he really declined during his addiction.

“I was the worst drunk, nappy-headed addict you’ve ever seen. I was the worst kind,” Wilson said in support of his memoir I Am Charlie Wilson. “I took any and everything and there is nothing I’ve ever done. As I’m sitting here, my back is killing me but I’m not going to take any Oxycodone. I’m not going to be up there stumbling and faking and saying I’m going to be right back. I gotta perform.”

Wilson says that he’s fortunate that he was able to do what Rick James, who he says was a good friend, couldn’t do. James ultimately succumbed to addiction after years of heavy drug abuse. Wilson said that James once cried in his presence. Here’s what he had to say about James’s struggles and their friendship.

On Rick James:

On why he wrote a book:

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17 thoughts on “Charlie Wilson On Prince: ‘Sooner Or Later, The Truth Comes Out’ [VIDEO]

  1. Carolyn on said:

    I agree with Amber, there is a difference between dependency than a 2 bit crack head like Charlie Wilson, just wanted to get high. He’s just jealous!

  2. C Anderson on said:

    Nobody but NOBODY will be able to diminish our love and admiration for Prince!

    I am confident the angles in heaven are rejoicing your return home as you all are gathered around God’s throne .

  3. So I’m just figuring out Black America Web is messy. I don’t do messy. There wasn’t one reason what so ever to post this. Just like the LeBron message they went on and on about and the message was fake.

  4. Charlie Wilson, maybe the truth will come out about how you look like you are in your late 40s. You were in the Gap Band when I was a kid and now I am 40s. So how you looking my age?????? You keep getting your face snatched back….. Tight…… so please…hursh up.

  5. JT I agree when artist leave people should get a life because that person has transitioned to the other side. RIP Prince and thank you for all the wonderful music.

  6. Kimboo on said:

    It’s not how you die, but how you lived… and people, PRINCE DID LIVE – no matter how this plays out, we lost a icon, legend that in my 43 yrs., will never see again in my lifetime 😦 Thank you for helping me to grow up my sweet Prince, you are so loved!

    • Amber on said:

      Did people leave MJ alone? What about Whitney or James BRown and many others? NO. Prince is not going to be any different. Sad but true as I have said about all of the rest.

      • Shouldn’t have been said about ANYBODY … as Prince sung… Damn shut up already…

  7. These ‘celebrities’ always have something to say when someone dies and no longer here to defend themselves. Have two seats Charlie Wilson.

  8. ButterPecan on said:

    I don’t know why some celebrities or anyone else would try to diminish Prince’s star. He was an iconic artist who did his thing his way and left us a huge gift of his talent and music! I will miss his presence but I will always have his music to remind me of his Royal Badness! R.I.P. Sweet Prince.

    • Amber on said:

      NEWSFLASH!! Isn’t this done to every celeb who pass away. First, people build the up in order to tear this down and try to make them live a life with high unrealistic expections, second, when all this pressure or life trying to please the public and they get hurt and die, then everyone realise how much they loved the celeb person; then when they are buried, everyone starts digging and trying to find dirt regardless if it is true or not. Typical. Did you really think Prince was going to get treated any different?

  9. ButterPecan on said:

    He wasn’t smoking crack or shooting heroin, he was taking a powerful pain killer for chronic pain! There’s a difference between a crack head and being addicted to prescription meds! Charlie Wilson should know that!

    • Amber on said:

      I agree. This was the same with MJ. MJ was took that med for sleep due to his sleep disorder and depended on meds due to his back injury and hair accident. I wish people would learn the difference between “dependacy” and being an addict. Dependacy is to cope with chronic pain whereas addiction is to get high.

      • ButterPecan on said:

        I totally agree with you Amber! Charlie is just hating and he hasn’t had a hit since Prince sang Soft and Wet!

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