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The TJMS crew crashes Angie Stone‘s concert during Flashback Friday night on the 2016 Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage presented by Ford.

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  5/2/16- Skip Murphy, Jacque Reid and J. Anthony Brown are starting off the first Monday in May with a bang! Click the link above to hear why Jacque is full of the 2016 Fantastic Voyage and not in a good way.

  4/29/16- Which one of Sybil’s friends got sick on their boat ride to St. Barts? Find out who she had to nurse back to health and why no one believes J. Anthony Brown was dragging in the sand at the nude beach.

‘   4/29/16- Could Patti LaBelle be feeling the impact of Prince and Billy Paul’s death? The TJMS crew thinks so. How could they tell, she performed in flats. Listen above!

  4/29/16- Sybil is sitting down with author and hip hop legend Luther Campbell during her Book Club, but will she have to twerk for him in order to get him to open up? Listen to what she says she might be willing to do.

  4/29/16- If you’re under 35 and you’re a man on the ship, beware, the cougars are out! Find out which show brought out the most cougars and why J. Anthony Brown knew something was wrong when he was getting too much attention.

  4/29/16- What happens when J. Anthony Brown jumps on stage and joins  Johnny Gill during his set? You can watch it here but find out why Tom just might be trying to take Johnny out.  

  4/29/16- Click the link above to hear why J. Anthony Brown says “she” has to stay in during All Black Everything night. Plus, find out why the crew is still confused about what Damon Williams was on Mardi Gras night.

  4/29/16- Let’s play a game. How many of you could eat BBQ in all white? That just may be one of the suggestions that gets the green light for the 2017 Fantastic Voyage. Click the link above to hear about the food and find out which Superman costume needed a little more cape.  

  4/29/16- Which member of the popular band The Barkays does J. Anthony Brown call Sisqo’s daddy? Find out and listen to the just how much funk was had at the concert.


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