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Dr. William Yates will talk about how to replace hair for those male and female who are experiencing partial or total hair loss. Read below for his bio:

Before Dr. Yates was a dedicated hair transplant surgeon, he was part of an elite group of surgeons who administered the American Board of Surgeons surgery exam to potential General Surgeons in the United States. He has continued on this path of excellence and is now a board examiner for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

He is a world expert and teaches surgeons to perform the latest technique FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant surgery. He is also one of a handful of surgeons who has obtained the Gold Seal of Excellence from Restoration Robotics to perform ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Surgery. He also offers PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy and Adipose Derived Stem Cell Therapy for hair restoration.

Dr. Yates is a graduate of the prestigious Six-Year Honors Medical Degree program at Northwestern University.

Dr. Yates answers your hair transplant questions below: 

Hey Doc, if your hair is gray on the sides and back when you move it does it grow in gray? Is the hair transplant permanent?

Yes the hair doesn’t know it was moved and stays the same quality, texture and color. The transplant is permanent, yes.

I am a woman and my sides are where I need help, I am tired of perpetrating and wearing wigs because I am ashamed of how it looks. Is a hair transplant right for me since there is nothing to move from the sides?

It would be best to evaluate your photographs if you want to send them to our website.

Is there a recovery period after the procedure is done? In short, can I go to work the next day?

Yes you can go to work the next day, however it looks surgical for a couple of days. You can wear a hat or scarf.

Does the transplanted hair continue to grow and does it turn gray with age?


Are there any foods that help hair grow?

A healthy diet with adequate protein.

Does the doctor do consultations and where do you go to get consultation for hair implants?

Yes we do consultations in the office in Chicago. Or we can do an online consultation.

Is it true that baldness comes from the mother’s side of the family?

It’s been found to come from both parents.

I am a female and I have dreads with a little thinning on top. Is that fixable?

Depending on the cause, probably.

I am a woman with a form of alopecia. Can I get a hair transplant? 

Depending on the cause, probably.

If I’ve had the old method of transplantation, am I a good candidate for his method? I’ve suffered with hair loss for more than 20 years and have suffered with depression because of it.

Yes. We do the new method on many men who have had the previous method done in the past.

Can the doctor do anything about preventing grey hair?


Can you transplant hair to your eyebrows?

Yes, works great!

What about transplanting hair to an area of alopecia?

Absolutely. But results vary depending on type and cause of alopecia.

I’m in Atlanta but I’m balding and I’m a woman. Can the doctor help?

Thinning hair for women is devastating!  We have many options to help restore a woman’s hair loss

Does insurance cover hair transplantation?

No, unfortunately.

Ask the doc can he transplant baby hair for edges. I want that Chilli from TLC hairline. 

Yes, we do that regularly.

Can you complete treatment in one day?

Yes, surgery is just one day; hair grows in over 1 year.

How long before you see results?

6-8 months – 1 year for final result.

What about transplants for women whose hair is thinning around the edges?

Yes, this is done very frequently with great results.

My mother is completely bald on top, but the sides grow like crazy. If she did the hair restoration could she do the processes out now like rinses and perms or would that damage the restored hair? Right now she only gets the sides permed and wears tracks.

She could use those treatments but they are not recommended because they can damage the hair over time.

Does the hair transplanted to the front grow afterwards?

The hair that is moved from the back does not regrow in the back, but only 10% or so is moved so it is not noticeable in the back.

Can a hair transplant be done with facial hair?


I’ve never had much facial hair but always wanted more. Can that be

transplanted also?

We do that a lot.

Is there pain after anesthesia wears off? 

There’s very minimal to no pain with the FUE procedure.

Does Rogaine work? I’m losing hair in the top of my head. I’m a Black male – 65-years-old.

Yes, it works.

How do you care for the transplant after surgery and how long does the transplant last?

The care afterwards is simple and it’s permanent.

Question for the Doctor: how is a hair transplant performed on the scalp? Is each strand surgically implanted by needle? Also, is it the same procedures for men and women?

Yes, it’s the same procedure for men and women. Micro instruments are used for the entire procedure. No needles or stitches.

l’m a female diagnosed w/alopecia areata. Would l be a good candidate for hair transplants? Is there a cure for alopecia? I have always had a full healthy head of hair.

There are other treatments for alopecia areata in addition to a hair transplant.

Doc, what’s your office info?

You can go HERE for that info.

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One thought on “Get Well Wednesday: Dr. William Yates Answers Your Hair Replacement Questions

  1. Barry on said:

    I had my dreads torn out of my scalp by my ex-wife and hair never grew back. I want my dreads surgically placed back on my scalp, that’s how desperate I am about my hair. Better yet. I know many men with dreads have had similar fates. I don’t have money for the procedure. I have CDPHP insurance. Can I be your experimental client for replacing dreadlocks

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