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Here’s a trend I’d like to see take off in 2016 – minding your own business. In the social media era, that may be impossible, but it has become more and more obvious that folks are getting their entire lives off watching and commenting on the perceived downfall of others.

Case in point: North Carolina Powerball winner Marie Holmes. The 26-year-old single mother of four was living in a trailer when she bought a winning lottery ticket to the tune of $188 million. The attractive young woman took a financial advisor, lawyer and security guard to her press conference and then proceeded to live her life. She would have likely been mostly forgotten in the 24-hour news cycle if not for her fianceè, alleged drug dealer Lamarr”Hot Sauce” McDow.

Holmes has now posted bond for McDow’s bail a total of four times, with each bail getting higher, up to $12 million the last time. According to published reports, McDow’s bail doubles each time Dow violates the terms of his pre-trial agreement. Holmes’ public life choices have sent the internet into a shaming frenzy, calling her a “dumbass,” “stupid” and several other names for bailing McDow out.

But here’s what folks are missing. For one, Holmes has $88 million at her disposal. She has spent, so far, in non-refundable bail fees, a total of $630,000 to keep her man out of jail. That is a lot of money, to be sure, but it doesn’t even represent a tenth of what is at her disposal. In just about any family in America, if you have a relative who is in jail, you’ll try to bail him out if you can afford to, even if he’s a lifelong jailbird.  In most cases, you can’t afford to, nor can many families afford decent counsel, which is why so many innocent Black men end up spending years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit.

But let’s say Mr. McDow, 31, is, in fact, guilty of what he’s accused of. Before last year, Holmes was a struggling single parent of four in a bad financial position as she readily admitted. The money was a blessing for her and her children and one she seemed to appreciate. Holmes also donated over $800,000 to her family’s church, something that got much less attention than her boyfriend’s troubles.

Alleged dealer McDow is Holmes’ youngest child’s father and as he says in the interview below, they grew up together and have been dating for two years. So it’s possible that when Holmes was struggling, that he helped her feed her children whether they were all his or not? Is it more than likely that if that were the case, that she’s just looking out for a man who looked out for her?  Is it possible that even now, if this guy is the town kingpin, as alleged, that he and his reputation are actually protecting her from even worse since it’s a small town where everyone knows who she is and what she has?

McDow spoke to an Atlanta reporter in October. See what he has to say HERE. 

Who exactly did you think Holmes was going to be with? Before the money she was a single mother with a high school education in a small town. Did you think once she got the check, she was going to start hanging out with Oprah and Diddy? She may need the time to adjust to her new circumstances and figure out where she goes from here. It may mean leaving all she knows behind her, but that would be a challenging adjustment for anyone, especially once they’ve come into the enormous responsibility of managing a fortune.

McDow could very well be an older man taking advantage of a gullible young woman who’s come into a LOT of money. It’s more than possible and it may be that Holmes is on her way to learning a very expensive lesson. The only difference between her and other gullible young women in the same situation is that its money she can afford to lose. Some women are throwing away $800 dollar paychecks on men who don’t deserve it. Holmes, with a net worth of $80 million plus doesn’t have that problem. She could still end up broke, as many lottery winners do. She may end up a cautionary tale. But she’s still young enough, and rich enough, to turn things around.

Some of you may be genuinely concerned about the welfare of a woman who has been thrust into the spotlight due to a windfall we’ve all dreamed about. Others are jealous haters who never wished her well in the first place because they didn’t think she “deserved” the money due to her gender, race or single motherhood. Well, let me be the first to tell you – it ain’t your money. It’s Holmes’ and she can do whatever she damn pleases with it. Without knowing the whole story, many online commenters have rushed to judgement.

Some of you who have $80 in the bank are shaming a woman with $80 million in the bank instead of wishing her well. If Holmes ends up leaving McDow and moving on, good for her. If she stays with him and they live a quiet life from here on out, good for them. Until you’re working with that kind of financial scenario, you can’t imagine what choices you might make. So instead of judging and hating, wish that Marie Holmes makes the best of this blessing and that she and her children will be all right down the line. Get out of her pockets and worry about your own life. It’s energy that will serve you much better in 2016.

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30 thoughts on “Marie Holmes’ Money Is Long…And It Ain’t Yours

  1. MariAnne Bolton on said:

    I wish her well. You would think that this guy would take a moment and realize that all he has to do is just ACT like he’s going to live a clean and legal life and this woman would probably give him ALL of her money, just to have him around. So why doesn’t he just “straighten up and fly right”? Of course, I wish this money were given to me or someone who would spend it in a more profitable manner, but like the journalist said, it’s not our business. What a waste!!!!

  2. David Davis on said:

    Whatever he may have done for her before her winnings is irrelevant. He was obviously sleeping with her so he should have been providing. This guy is a loser, he looks like a loser, and he is certainly acting like a loser, believe what he’s showing you. Marie, I will give you the same advice I would give my daughter. Put this clown in your rearview mirror and move on. Marie, you need to relocate, to get away from all the jealousy in your area and the dependency of this low life criminal idiot.

  3. To the writer of this article, I do not see good thinking people wishing this woman any harm. I think most people are hoping she keeps her money and do not let this jailbird, whom she is not even married to yet, cause her to go broke or get sued. He is doing stupid things that is causing her to lose money. That is the reason behind people’s anger.

      • Emory Lofton on said:

        Oh yes I have heard about it. Him losing his granddaughter. I did not say it was the saddest story I’ve heard. But of of them On Jan 6, 2016 6:25 PM, “Black America Web” wrote:

        > americanize commented: “Obviously u haven,t read the story of jack > whitiker.”

      • Tasia on said:

        Marie Holmes should just stay single for a very long time. Marie you should not keep a man who keeps going to jail because you are setting a bad example for your kids and a man who keeps going to jail wants no good…… period.!! You deserve to be by yourself for a very long time since you have enough money and don’t need a man to help you. Stay single and educate yourself -continue your education so you can feel good about yourself. Education will also give you the power to live a better life and to make wise choices. Leave men alone because you seem to be making bad choices. Keep in mind that you did not have much luck with men since you had children whose father was not around. Give yourself a good life and give your children a good education …..Education is the foundation to a good life! don’t waste all your money Marie. !!!

      • Tasia on said:

        Jack Whittaker story was definitely a sad one….and he was a smart millionaire before he won the lotto. Jack was a good man ……..He had lots of bad luck. I believed that Jack biggest mistake was giving his granddaughter too much money at her young age.

  4. He held her small town fast ass down when she had nothing but three babies, one on the way and bills. Now she’s holding his small town drug kingpin ass down now that he caught cases and exorbitant bail requirements for release. Turnaround is fair play. Good for them!

  5. specialt757 on said:

    TK I think you may be right, they are targeting him, but he makes it so easy. The stories are never really about him though, they’re always about her, unfortunately.

    • Yeah that little town where they’re from seems to be trying to increase their revenue especially when the amount to be paid keeps going up.

      • He has federal charges and the bail works differently, so every time he breaks the pre-trial agreement, his bail is doubled. Most judges would stop assigning bail if the person continues to disobey the pre-trial agreement. The next time he does that, he might not get a bail.

  6. Timekeeeper on said:

    Hey special ‘ “journalists” who specialize in spreading gossip and contempt” How true is that!!! Also, I am just wondering ( and this isn’t to justify his actions) if they are simply targeting this man now.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    Clap, clap, clap, this story coming from “journalists” who specialize in spreading gossip and contempt amongst its own people. The ones who put stories out here to watch how we destroy and assassinate each other’s character. Now we get this “mind your own business’ bullsh*t. If we minded our own business there would be no need for a comment section, no need for social media formats. You can miss me with this up righteous, side-eye, fingers crossed, and half-assed attempt to be sympathetic to this young woman’s life choices. So please just STOP IT! I believe most people just want the best for this single mother of four and to do what’s best with the blessings that she received.

  8. The author of this story seems to have a touch of anger in the tone of this story. I agree with the other comments that we just want to see her do well.

    • I would agree with this writer if she was talking about people who was degrading for buying a certain kind of home, car, etc BUT this woman is bailing out a guy who CONTINUES to get in trouble. One time, I get it but mulitiple arrest and bailing a BOYFRIEND, No, I do not see it. I would say the same even if she was not rich.

  9. I was one of the commenters who felt she was embarrassing herself by continuing to ‘bail out’ her alledged drug king pin fiance. Everyone was proud that a sista got a peice of the pie, but it is hurtful to know that her head is not in the right place. Her decisions that she is making should be for the financial security and comforts for her children, not her man. If she felt the need to ‘pay him back, etc.,then, she should ‘cut him check’ and ask him to bounce. Better yet, I wonder if a nice drug treatment program will cost over $600,000.

    I’m not buying the ‘he’s a man to protect her in her small community, and they’ve grown up together storyline. Pay for a nice security system…she has enough money to hire a bodyguard. It’s a matter of time before her story hits the news that she’s blown all of that money on nonsense and for sure your above commentary story will need to be re-written.

    As far as us “getting our hands out of her pockets”….let’s sit back and wait to see if, or shall I say, when she’s blown her money, her need to tap into some government subsidy program at our tax dollar expense

    Not all of us ‘hate’, we ‘congratulate’. We just hate to see one of us ’embarrass’ ourselves on that level.

  10. Monica on said:

    The problem is, she keeps showing up in the news, so she’s going to get talked about positively or negatively. We haven’t heard about the other two winners of the same jackpot because most lottery winners try to keep a low profile. As long as you’re in the news you’re gonna get talked about. Deal with it.

    • Ms Curly on said:

      I agree with you. She has placed herself in the news, and contrary to what the writer is saying, most people including me wish her well. It is her money but those of us with experience in life just hate to see her throw her money away on someone who is showing her, by continuing to break the law, that he has no plans to change and he will spend as much of her money as he can. I still wish her well.

  11. Khmboo on said:

    I think I’m down with the conspiracy theories in which the money infact may be his, and this is why she’s coming to his rescue time and time again. His winning numbers, his winning ticket, his winning!

    • knowledge on said:

      Sounds good, but what’s the need of trying to continue selling drugs then. The point if selling drugs is to make money right. To be honest both of them are probably on heroine and they need to check themselves in to a rehab or something before they overdose.

    • Some people don’t realize when they have already won, and I am not just talking about money. She needs to take whatever is left and move out of that city, with or without him.

      • specialt757 on said:

        I vote for without him, she’s already done bad with him. I would like to see her do good without him.

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