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A North Carolina woman who collected a lump sum of $88 million after winning a $188 million Powerball last February is facing an onslaught of criticism after she posted an enormous bail for her boyfriend…for the fourth time.

Lamarr (Hot Sauce) McDow was accused of arranging a street race Saturday, the New York Daily News reports. He was arrested Tuesday for violating the terms of his pre-trial release. As NewsOne reported last year, Marie Holmes, 26, posted bond for McDow three times — once just weeks after she collected her winnings ($3 million), once in August ($6 million) and again in October after he was arrested for possession of a firearm by a felon.

On Friday, Holmes posted a $12 million bond, the fourth time she’s put up millions since she hit the lottery.

From the Daily News:

His bonds are skyrocketing because the amount automatically doubles if a defendant breaks the rules of a pre-trial release, local attorneys told WECT. The non-refundable fee paid to bail bondsmen who bail out an inmate usually amounts to roughly 10% of the total bond amount.

Officials in the sheriff’s office told the TV station McDow’s latest arrest happened when their GPS monitoring system showed him at a location other than the ones he’s allowed in — namely his home, work, church, doctor or court.

Not surprisingly, many were upset with Holmes’ decision to post bond, taking to Twitter to express their frustration with the woman who said she would use her winnings to set up tuitions for her four children, one of whom is a special needs child.

But really, is the public’s anger misplaced? Shouldn’t they be mad at the person who keeps breaking the law? And should we even be concerned with Holmes’ money management?

After all, it’s none of our business, right? Sound off in the comments below…

SOURCE: NY Daily News, WECT | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Getty

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48 thoughts on “Marie Holmes, $188 Million Powerball Winner, Bails Boyfriend Out Of Jail For Fourth Time

  1. I heard that ignorance could be a blissful existence,so extreme stupidity must be total delight to the Nth Degree.The epitome of exquisite delight!!! A blind dog with a note in it’s mouth could do a better job of raIsing her children and handling the finances.Just think, she allows this useless and worthless thug to be around her kids.The children deserve better!

  2. Dare to speak the truth on said:

    I hate to say this but the idiots always win on chance games and blow the money to hell because they never had it and don’t know heat to to with it ! If this crazy boyfriend is going to jail all of the time he prefer his own gender and he loves jailbirds at that . she is ignorant as they get . If she wants to give her money away I’ll gladly take it off of her hands ! lol Let that loser stay in there please ! He loves it and this is his true residence and not with you .

  3. Rosco P Coaltrain on said:

    WOW…..Another rich black person for my self esteem class being held at 7:30 pm on Thursday.
    She does not realize that her man has become “institutionalized” and he wants to go back to a place where there are nothing but men……but she has such low self esteem that she keeps bailing him out.
    I think she would do very well in my self esteem class. As for him….Hummm…let me see…what would keep a man who has a woman who has just won millions of dollars but he keeps going back to jail instead of staying out (where Kings play) and partying with her? Hummm…….. I think you know!

  4. No offense ladies, but she has to be the DUMBEST woman on the planet. Pretty soon she won’t have any money because she’s constantly bailing him out.

  5. October on said:

    If she wants to spend her money bailing this man out, we have nothing to say about. I’m sure relatives and/or friends have spoken to her.

  6. She must be dumb as a box of rocks. There is no way I would bail a negro out of jail four times. His ass would just be there. She needs to be putting this money in a college/trust fund for her children. He is a loser. You deserve better. Would you want this kind of man for your daughter? I don’t think so.

  7. This is an example of what it says in the Bible. A fool and his/her money will soon depart. Unfortunately money can’t buy self love or self respect.

  8. The fact is, it’s her money. Sure she could make wiser choices, but she can do what she wants to do with it. I wouldn’t care what someone thinks how I now manage my $2400 a month, and I certainly wouldn’t care what others thought if I had millions. PEOPLE manage your own money!!!!

  9. How long are you going to be stuck on STUPID????? There better ways to invest your money & time.
    Once the money runs out then what????

  10. So clear she had issue which were there before she won and clearly stupid doesn’t get fix with a lottery win. It just makes you rich and stupid. I feel sorry for her children. They will have nothing for the future and truly they might not have anything now since it goes to bail.

  11. Sad. And what’s even sadder she’s not married to him. It’s just a boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Either this guy has got something on her or she she’s so co-dependent that she just has no self esteem whatsoever.

  12. Audrey on said:

    I would hope that she at least marry the deadbeat so when he do finally get out, cause he is going to jail and he is going to do a lot of time. They can struggle Together. I wonder do she realize that just because you keep bailing him out doesn’t mean he isn’t going to spend a few years with a bunch of other men lol. Hope she put money away in a Trust for her children

  13. What bothers me about people like this woman, they are blessed to win or obtain money and they do the most dumbs things than can cause them to lose it all if they are not careful whereas people who are responsible still trying to win.

  14. David Davis on said:

    Marie, wake up! Can’t you see that they’re trying to take all your money from you so they can then fill the tabloids with stories about how stupid you were. This guy that you keep bailing out is not worth the time of day, let him go to jail, move to another city and start a newl life. There is too much jealousy around you right now, get away before it’s too late.

  15. Where is her Pastor in all this? A Fool and his/her money are soon parted. Proverbs 14:1 “Every wise woman build etch her house: but the Foolish pluckers it down with her hands” smh

  16. Shemika on said:

    I thought as long as she is posting the bond money herself and he shows up for all his court appearances then she gets her money back minus like the court cost and fines he will have to pay. If this is the case then she is not losing really.

    • knowledge on said:

      WHAT. You don’t get that money back. If he doesn’t show up to court they come looking for you until you give him up.

  17. I feel like someone is filling their pockets with all this bail money,there is no way this guys bail is as high as they say it is, just a chance for someoone else to get rich.

  18. So the bond automatically doubles? I think it is safe to say he will be trouble again and she will post a 24mil bond. Sad to say but it wont be long before she is broke. Has anyone reported on anything else she is doing with the money, something positive?

  19. komjj14 on said:

    She’s a moron…plain and simple. It’s not enough that she overcame the odds to win such a financial blessing but she is throwing (YES I SAID THROWING) the money away. How about taking the money that she’s wasted on this poor excuse for a man and helping people who really need it?!!! I hope she burns through all of her money and ends up poor again because she clearly is incapable of making reasonable decisions when it comes to money AND men.

  20. redbone1954 on said:

    Oh well easy come easy go I just hate that probably in a few years she will be on the tv show “The lottery ruined my life” smdh

  21. Sure, it’s none of our business, but when has that ever stopped ANYONE from weighing in?! We just think we’d be wiser if we had access to that kind of money. Whether she bails her boyfriend out of jail or sets fire to HER money, we still gotta pay our bills when they are due or face the consequences.

  22. I feel SORRY for her because she’s such an IDIOT WHY waste your money on someone who Does NOT CARE about her, her main focus should be on her D kids she’s got four LEAVE that BUM!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Cynthia Brookins on said:

    Shes gonna be out of money spending it foolishly, hitting the lottery most likely wont happen again for her. Seems like hes doing that crap on purpose, no way in the hell its too many other men out here to continue bailing him out. Wish that I could hit that kind of money, smdh

  24. Stephanie on said:

    Pray for her and her kids, this parasite will use her and her money up soon. This child is sinning against her blessing, she is not a good steward of her blessing.

    • Prissy on said:

      Stephanie, that’s it she don’t know Jesus. How we all wish we could win big like that. First thing I would do is my tithes. Lord please show her the way.

  25. We have to remember this is her money and she has the right to spend it how she pleases. When she is broke and destitute maybe she will wake up and realize how she used her blessings. Pray for her not criticize her.

  26. specialt757 on said:

    Can someone tell me how to get the skittles out of this decorated santa clause dispenser? It’s got a whole in the middle but I can’t get the candy out. Dang what a stupid design. Guess I’ll have to cut the candy out.

  27. Khmboo on said:

    I agree with you A Prophetic Walk, it’s the decision that we make due to the actions we take…. I wonder if the shoes were on the other foot, would he do the same? would he even be there? #brokeinaminute

    • What does her skin color has to do with her stupidity? YOu sound stupid as usual. Look at the white man who has the biggest jackpot who live in Virginia who was riding around in a red sports car and got $500,000 stolen from him, a stripper sued him, his only teenager granddaughter died from a drug overdose due to giving her $2,000 a week, the drug boyfriend sued him stupidly and tried to get money, etc. Most lotto winners use their heads and do good with their money (miillions are won everyday in the lottery). Stop always bringing your stupidity into race issues. I do not even think you are black Mac.

    • David Davis on said:

      Marie, I’ll tell you like I would tell my own daughter. Get away from this guy, he’s a loser, he looks like a loser, he’s shown you that he is a loser. He apparently has no redeeming values because he continues to fail. He’s a big man in jail because he has you to spend millions to continually bail him out.

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