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Roland Martin talks to Monique Pressley, Bill Cosby‘s lawyer about taking legal action against the media and the news that Brown, Marquette and Fordham University have stripped Mr. Cosby of his honorary degrees.

Are Bill and Camille Cosby shocked by the latest news?

“I don’t think anything that can be shocked with anything being done. We see tremendous pressure being placed upon venues and universities and even businesses with murals.”

Will the attorney’s go after those who call Mr. Cosby a rapist?

“I think that anyone that is using wisdom on behalf of their companies and universities should think carefully and ensure that they’ve sought counsel before they say things. It’s obvious, that there is a free for all and to now think it’s appropriate to call someone a rapist.”

Should the universities that have stripped the Cosby name also rescind the money given?

“They don’t feel so dishonored that they return the millions of dollars. They don’t feel so dishonored or disrespected that they don’t know what to do with the millions…but there is nothing legally that can be done.”

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