Dr. James Bennett is a world-renowned urologist who is on the front lines of the crusade to eradicate prostate cancer and is the CEO of his own practice, Midtown Urology in Atlanta, GA. He is an adjunct professor at Clark Atlanta University Clinical Assistant Professor, department of Biology, and at Morehouse and Emory University School Medicine, Department of Surgery and Family Medicine.

Bennett is a Georgia native whose enthusiasm for medicine began at Clark College in 1976 where he graduated summa cum laude. After receiving his medical degree from Duke University in 1979, Dr. Bennett attended Emory University, where he completed an internship in surgery and a residency in urology. His enthusiasm continues today through the establishment of a urology practice providing quality health care.

Honored as the National Medical Association Practitioner of the Year in 1999 and recipient of the Nash-Carter award in 2014, Dr. Bennett is an activist in the treatment and education of prostate cancer.  He was the first Georgia urologist to perform cryosurgical ablation of the prostate.

He is also founder of two non-profits, the Community Health and Men’s Promotion Summit (CHAMPS) and the Midtown Urology Health and Education Foundation (MUHEF),that aims to raise awareness of the importance of early detection and prevention concerning health issues for the community, especially in the area of urology.

Dr. Bennett says coffee can revs a man’s sex life.

Doctor Bennett, what about coffee and caffeine – do they have any affect on high blood pressure?

It’s probably not effective since hypertension has multiple causes.

What about sugar-free energy drinks?

They are not good for you. There are too many carbs.

Is drinking black coffee better for you then adding cream and or sugar?

There’s no difference.

What about coffee enemas? Are those good or not?

They’re only good for promoting bowel movements.

Does caffeinated tea have the same impact as caffeinated coffee?


Doc, do saw palmetto tablets help your prostate?

They slightly improve urination.

I just got through with radiation for prostate cancer. Will coffee help me recover sexually?

We don’t know.

For the doc….What happens when the blue pill (Viagra) no longer works? What

are some other options other than the expensive injection?

Before you seek other options, make sure you are taking it correctly.

I am a diabetic and have high blood pressure. I’m having difficulty getting an erection neither Viagra nor Cialis seem to be working. What do you suggest? Is this physical or could it be psychological ?

Could be either or both.

Dr. Bennett, what’s right time frame for drinking the coffee? Right before sexual activity or

anytime during the day?


How does coffee affect women in the same way as it affects the men for a better sex life?

Unknown, but it probably does.

Should you treat coffee like the blue pill, only drink it when needed?

No, see answer above.

Does drinking Coke have the same effect and benefits as coffee?

Any caffeine helps.

Good morning Doc, besides the caffeinated coffee, is there anything men with this problem can take over the counter that is available at health food stores?


What about bulletproof coffee (coffee with butter)? Have you heard

of it, doc ?


Dr. Bennett, can drinking coffee a few days during the week help pills

such as Viagra be more effective to overcome erectile dysfunction?

It may have an additive effect, to a point.

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