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A McKinney, Texas police officer has been suspended from his regular duties after footage of him handcuffing and pulling out a weapon on a group of black teenagers during a local pool party surfaced the web.

Buzzfeed reports:

Officers were called to the a local community pool around 7:15 p.m. local time to respond to a “disturbance involving multiple juveniles at the location, who do not live in the area or have permission to be there, refusing to leave,” the McKinney Police Department said in a post on its Facebook page. Other calls also advised that the teens were “actively fighting,” police said.

“First responding officers encountered a large crowd that refused to comply with police commands. Nine additional units responded to the scene. Officers were eventually able to gain control of the situation,” police said.

As seen in the graphic video above, the police officer was seen detaining teens and handcuffing them, before aggressively taking hold of a young girl’s hair and pinning her down to the ground. He immediately pulled out his weapon when her friends came to the rescue.

The site continues:

Teens at the pool party told BuzzFeed News the police were called after a fight broke out between adults and youths at the pool after the adults made racist comments telling the black children to leave the area and return to “Section 8 [public] housing.”

The police officer has been put on administrative leave as the McKinney Police Department further investigates the situation.

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SOURCE: Buzzfeed | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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101 thoughts on “Texas Officer Suspended After Handcuffing & Pulling Out His Weapon On Teens During Pool Party

  1. Williams on said:

    BAW rarely gets the facts correct. They are so busy trying to be biased that the truth is never investigated. For BAW it is all about the FAM, nothing else matters.
    I live in the Dallas area and facebook is lit up with peoples first hand reports of what happened here. Some are from kids at the party. Some are from residence that live near the pool. After reading through them all I will bring you what first hand reports are said about this. Without being misled by the media.
    The party was advertised on Twitter and facebook. They were charging $15 to come to the party. This is actually something that this group does all the time. So it wasn’t the first time they have done this. It wasn’t a innocent planned pool party. It was in fact a rave like party set up by this group that does it all the time. They choose a pool. Set up a DJ next to the pool. Charge money and tell kids where to go using social networking. They even tell kids how to avoid security getting into the events.
    So hundreds of teens showed up. They were cursing, drinking, and smoking pot. They were being rude to residents that lived there and were yelling racial slurs at the residents. They couldn’t do anything about the DJ or party because it was in a public space next to the pool.
    The security were at the pool keeping the kids out. Then the kids started to assault the security guard and were jumping over the fence to get into the pool. A mother at the pool was trying to remove here children from the situation and was walking them across the parking lot to their car. A young teen girl went to the woman from behind and attacked her first by pulling her hair down. Leaving the three young children running towards their car.
    This is when the police were called out.
    BAW you should be ashamed of yourself for not investigating this first. You should know that the media lies to get ratings. But I guess it wouldn’t be a story for you unless these kids were targeted for no other reason than for being black. After all black skin should be a crime and black lives matter. In the last three days 40 blacks have lost their lives in chicago alone. I don’t see you doing a story on that.
    All the racist that come to BAW will hate what I had to write here. But it is the truth. On Saturday night some black teens returned to the area and kicked in doors, looted homes and even stole a truck then crashed it into several cars. The news didn’t report any of this Monday morning. But why should they. That is a non story.
    What a shame.

    • @Williams if you were not there personally you have no idea what happened. Even the Today Show, Good Morning America and the local police departments are not posting the same story you are posting.

  2. Mac Ben on said:

    Clearly you all did not see the video that was shot before the one attached to this story wherein several of these same black girls attacked a 40yr old woman at the party who asked them nicely to leave. THAT is what sparked the 911 call. See it here:

    • Sophia Grace on said:

      You are assuming that it was the black teen girls who attacked the white adult women. Where do you get that from the video. It is not clear who attacked who in the video but most reports say that it was the white adult woman who made racial comments to the black teens and who hit one if the black teen girls. But the video does in no way reveal the instigator.

      • MacBen on said:

        When I put the 911 call together with the video it was clear to me. Open your mind and it will be clear to you, too. No unarmed person EVER attacks a group of black youth- and you know that.

  3. Mrknowitall on said:

    STOP civilian brutality against police officers. She wants a pass because she is black. The gun was never actually pointed at the civilians.

  4. Joy2 on said:

    Every time I see this video tears come to my eyes. There’s no way in H the police officers would have acted in this manner if all of the teens at the party were white. And, the police officer gets what equates to a paid vacation. SMH Hard!!!

  5. Just heard the woman from the NAACP from that area on the Philadelphia radio station. She stated the incident started when a white woman began aruging with the young lady who was giving the party. The young lady went home and got her 19 years old sister to told the woman the children had a right to be at the pool. During the argument the white woman slaps the 19 year old girl in the face, than the police was called. From the video you can see the police was there for the Black children and not the white woman who started it all.

  6. To all of you stupid racist that thinks this type of behavior is ok, I can’t wait until the tables are turned. There is no need to result to violence. The folks that called the police are more than likely the ones that started the problems in the first place. I can see asking the uninvited guests to leave if they are being rude and nasty. But if they are all having good fun and no one is being harmed, who gives a damn that they are taking a dip in the pool. This is exactly why I children to out their votes, money and voices to work,; not just for themselves, but the must champion on the side of just for the weaker and their fellow man. Regardless of race.

  7. Lou jones on said:

    Kate, you are one dumb, stupid ,and ignorant mayonaise monkey. It’s obvious your monkey ass didn’t make it pass the sixth grade .

    • This, from someone who can’t read the opinions of others without name calling and ignorance. To save yourself the embarrassment of future juvenile ignorance, Lou, when the truth hurts, just say “ouch”.

      • Mac Ben on said:

        Blacks always lash out with anger and violence when they cannot reason or understand a different opinion. I have been accused of being white on this site when it is clear (for those that can read ANF understand) that I am not. However, because I don’t subscribe to the victim-mentality, I must be white. It is laughable.

      • I thought I was the only one who often burst into giggles at some of the hate hurled my may via posts. It is indeed laughable.

    • specialt757 on said:

      @MB people think you’re an “other” and a racist, no doubt because you use terms like “Blacks lash out…” like you’ve segregated yourself from your race. I know, I know you hate the skin you’re in and are ashamed. I can’t even disagree with some of your comments at least the ones relating to blacks helping and not hurting one another, those are actually valid. But the name calling (in which we all have done), and the pure racist statements that you write sound like pure hate. Unfortunately the 1st amendment applies to all Americans.

    • Joy2 on said:

      Monica: That’s the same thing I said when I first saw the video. Is he a neighbor, an off duty officer, a plain clothes officer??

  8. Londa on said:

    The bottom line is at the end of the day this is a 14 year old girl. She is seen walking away. The cop pulled her down because she was “mouthing off”. She was singled out because he didn’t like what she was saying. Where is the 1st amendment in this situation? Where is police protocol? She’s 14, a minor. Maybe she should not have been “mouthing off” but is that a reason for him to use that level of force against her? “Put your face in the ground”? What?!!! Rest there with his knee in her back? What?!!! I have a 13 year old daughter and no cop or anybody else better not ever put her in that position. He didn’t know of any medical issues she may have had. She is a fraction of his weight and he went too far!!!! He did not follow protocol!!! PERIOD!!!

    • Jacque on said:

      When I viewed this video, I was sickened. I normally do not curse, but, when viewing this, I said, This DMF. That’s not my style, but, I was angered. Only the African American students were detained and treated like animals. It’s clear in my mind, that the entire school or most of the school students knew this pool party was being held. Uninvited or not, disperse the problem and move on. Do not abuse the youth. Parents having an issue with the presence of African American students in the neighborhood should have confronted the parents. All people have rights to visit, speak and travel where they see fit. Who limits the rights of white students in any communities. Please America, let’s get it right and stop the racial profiling and abuse toward our youth. Enough is enough!!!

      • Being African American wasn’t the problem. It was African Americans who were not invited jumping over a fence to get into a party that required an access card.

  9. Cross your fingers and hope one of those racist will drown in that pool. There was a story about a man from India visiting his daughter who lived in a place like that and got attacked and beaten by Whites. Whites pretend they don’t know why Europians and Americans with middle east back grounds leave and join ISIS. The reason is they are treated a Brown and discriminated against.

  10. Cross your fingers and hope one of those racist will drown in that pool. There was a story about a man from India visiting his daughter who lived in a place like that and got attacked and beaten by Whites. Whites pretend they don’t know why Europians and Americans with middle east back grounds lea ve and join ISIS. The reason is they are treated a Brown and discriminated against.

  11. kwilli on said:

    You know what the worse part of this situation is? It’s the ignorance of the bloggers here. Which ones of us were there and KNOW what was actually going on at this poolside? Based upon what we saw on the video, this Officer was way out of line and should be held accountable for his actions. Just in comparing his actions to those of the Officers around him, he was way over zealous and these young people had to deal with what actually looked like, his experience. When one is in such a position and has the rights and privileges that he does, he MUST be as sure as possible that his decisions and the behavior that results from those decisions are clearly thought out. No matter what happened at that poolside, these children clearly were not fostering it and yes, they should have been encouraged to leave the scene and not to add to any chaos that may have been.
    You ignoramuses here need to research your history and get it right. But if you don’t know anything at all, keep this one thing in mind, It was the ignorance and stupidity and laziness of the white man that put Blacks and other minorities in an inferior position. Those injustices that we are still reeling from were put upon us. Our position was not of our own doing. And there are MANY who still believe what their bigoted parents taught them and it continues to be taught and handed down to the next generation!

  12. I think most of us agree this could/should have been handled differently, by everyone involved. How did they know about the party, an invitation by one of their classmates? One thing is for sure the parents were not notified! Whatever happened to “Hey kids the party is over time to go home . . “

  13. MD Mom on said:

    I got into a heated debate on this yesterday on a “whiter” board and my point was as a mother of daughters who have dealt with B more police, my daughters know to do as some of the guys did in the video and that is obey the officers (sit down BE QUIET hand behind back etc.) and get me on the phone!!! Making the situation worse so Al Sharpton (and media who loves to exploit this for ratings) can swoop in is pointless!!! Slamming that girls head to the ground crossed the line but I also realize police didn’t just drop out of the sky. Someone called 911 and complained so police must respond!!! All these incidents reminds me of why I moved out of B more after Section 8 ruined a great neighborhood!!!

    • Joy2 on said:

      MD: To be clear…..I don’t think any one is questioning the police officers responding to a call. Obviously someone called them. The issue is the way the response was handled.

    • Maybe they should help themselves. The time for looking for handouts has passed. And using the “po black me” for destroying what others have worked hard their whole lives for has to one of the most ignorant things I’ve read on this post.

    • Mac Ben on said:

      Why do blacks need the white man’s help and attention with getting jobs? Why can’t we help ourselves? I do not understand your reliance on the very people you despise. It is high-time black folk cut that bullsh!t out of our lives and be men– stand up on two feet and stop looking for a handout. Each one, teach one…..right? Riiiiiight. First step, stop killing each other over bullsh!t (look at the Chi, B-more, the Lou, Memphis…)

  14. Mountain Dew fan on said:

    And one more thing, For that person or person’s that said go back to Section 8 Housing, that was ugly and judgmental. All blacks are not raised in the section 8 Housing, ghetto, or projects. I myself an a country girl Mom and Dad married, large land, chicken and ducks to raise, garden in the yard and other blessing…. people should be very careful by making light of people living arrangements making fun or belittling families. Because folk fail to respect the power if mother nature ( the Lord’s Work) and just may destroy your home. Tornados, hurricanes and etc. are a stranger to no man. May find yourself looking crazy.

    • MD Vet Mom on said:

      First Section 8 idiots ran me out of B more recently!! I have no problem with the Mayor etc. wanting to put lower income moms around middle class to give them access to a better life BUT teach them how to live around WORKING folks!!! Guest who ruined my old neighborhood hood? The baby daddies and felon sons! Then I moved to a great private condo community (went back near where I was stationed in military) then learn Section 8 was moved in near me and my car gets keyed up after a guy begs me for money and I said NO! Why do we constantly try to destroy each other??? I worked had for my shigady!!!!! And you wonder why the media loves it when we act like animals destroying each other….

      • @MD VET You sound stupid and racist. Just because someone grows up in a certain area or affluence doesn’t make them any more capable of living around certain people. Hell take a look at Ted Bundy and a great number of serial killers. Hell look at the damn Kennedys. You are just ridiculous.

      • Eunice on said:

        You act like you are better than anyone else but let me tell you something – you need to go back to school somewhere because your language is “shot to hell.”

      • specialt757 on said:

        @MD VET MOM & MD MOM and other screen names you’ve used:
        I want to speak for the “regulars” here, we’re glad you moved also. Too bad you won’t move on.

  15. Brenda Weaver on said:

    Let’s just keep this real 100. This cop is a racist abusing his authority and position. He’s using his badge to have power to make his insecurities puffed up. This girl had the right to be on a public sidewalk, public property. It’s obviously he does not know the law, hey just wanted to play cowboy and Indians. All of his life obviously he wanted to shoot a gun and play cowboy. It’s obvious that this cop has no criminal justice knowledge or education. But like I tell people, it appears that in this day and time all it takes is a third-grade education to be a police officer. Their behavior matches a third grader playing cops and robbers.
    He has not earned suspension but he has earned lifetime in prison and throw away the key. But do that after you let all the gangs get to him. The President may be scared to speak up, the US Atty. Gen. may do nothing, but turn them over to the gangs and see what happens. This abuse on black folks by cops is happening too frequently while the powers that be continue to sit back and do nothing constructive about these situations that are going on.

    • Joy2 on said:

      BWeaver: What does the President have to do with this??!! Common sense tells me that after seeing the video President Obama is concerned like every one else with what took place. However, It could be President Clinton, Bush, Carter, or Obama….it isn’t a President’s (primary) job to police every city in this country. Get a clue!

  16. Mountain Dew fan on said:

    I’m black . And personally I feel they should not have gone if they were not invited. Also, Where are the parents of the children ? Don’t care if the are teenagers parent or parent should have been with child. And what’s the PROBLEM with complying with what Officers say do ? Or is it a pride thing or I have the last word debate. Just do as the officer say And keep hands where they can see them!!!!!! Yes I agree cops can be rude, prideful, arrogant and mean, but often times than not when he or she see that you are not offended by the pull over, questioning, traffic citation, or etc he or she often soften up. This happen to me. Say yes sir, be respectful even when Officer is being an unprofessional idiot.

    • Parents were there. As a matter of fact, that is the reason the cops were called. One parent had gotten into a physical fight with one of the teens. Act a fool, call the cops and then commit an act of defiance by not doing what they ask. Release the video, set up a Go Fund Me account, sue and repeat. Ridiculous.

  17. Hi Tom, I feel that you and Sybil used a poor choice of words when you said, “these kids aren’t from the hood they live or are from the suburbs.” There are great kids who live in the “hood” as well. That girl should have not been treated that way the cops was so wrong for that.

  18. That is why ISIS is after America! Hope they get what they deserve; and see how it feels to be “violently” mistreated!

    The table will eventually turn white America!

    • Williams on said:

      EBB your an idiot. Do you not watch the news. ISIS is a punch of white muslims. When ISIS comes to America and take over who do you think they will treat with respect and who do you think they will mistreat. It would be a sad day for blacks all across America if ISIS ever took over. The white men in ISIS have no restraint no rules. You think we are getting gunned down in the streets by whites now. Wait till your dream comes true and ISIS gets here.

  19. Guest on said:

    He did his job. This coming from a black person. Had they listened & obeyed, there would’ve been no issue. PARENTS, get your kids straight

  20. Here is the perfect solution for these types of situations. When the cops are called because people are acting a fool, trying to beat the hell out of one another, the cops should come to the scene, calmly and nicely tell everyone to leave. Then leave. The ones with half a brain will leave. The other rabble-rousers will remain and continue until someone is dead or critically hurt. That way, the only ones that will be held responsible for the bloodshed will be the animals with the “ain’t no party like hood party” mentality. Eventually, they’ll kill each other off, and the world will be a much safer place. Why does everything have to be so complicated?

    • Eunice on said:

      I hope you have a teenage girl and she gets stopped by a cop and they SLAM her to the ground because teenagers will be teenagers. They haven’t changed. They were just like this during my time and times before that. Don’t forget – we are always telling our children to fight for what they think is right and then we turn around and tell them to be complacent and take things as they are. You are talking to the wrong people now because these teenagers are our future and something tells me that the status quo is not going to work for them.

      • There’s nothing wrong with fighting for what’s right. But unless we get a whole lot smarter about HOW to fight, we’re going to see a lot more young men scattering like cockroaches when they find themselves staring down the barrels of big ass guns. Did those guys really think it was good idea to run up on an armed cop? (As one was trying to pull his sagging pants up). We better smarten up. And fast.

    • Joy2 on said:

      @Kates: It sounds as though you don’t remember being a TEENAGER. Yes it wasn’t smart to run up on a police officer. But….duuuuuh most teenagers don’t think like adults. I’m not saying it’s ok (not) to think rationally……but it is what it is. I repeat….most teenagers don’t think like adults.

      • Hell, a two year old knows better than to rush an armed person. Cop or not. Keep making excuses for these young’uns and we’ll see even more of them being scraped off the pavement.

    • Pete on said:

      You need Jesus, obviously you’re a racist, why are you even posting anything on this Website? It’s people like you that makes this world evil and nasty! what a shame!

  21. Zerkeise on said:

    AMEN, Ms. Klaire. WOWWWW and WOWWW again, Tom. You inspired me to write. I know we are an emotional people. But, we should have learned many DEATHS ago to think before we act or speak. This includes everyone in public housing as well as the suburbs, TOM. Have you read these comments? The WISE ELDERS are mentioning following the rules. The others are giving agitating attitude. This is why they were in this situation. It could have been avoided simply by doing what was instructed!!!!!! I am 48. I was taught to stay away from the troublemakers and if a cop pulls me over, do exactly what he/she says. “You got the nerve to talk back to me. I work my butt off for your well-being and you want to act a fool”. Sound similar? We always say, “It takes a village”. Cops live in the village also. I believe that because I listen to my mother and respect the cops, I have not been in jail. We have a lot of quotes, wisdom, sayings, etc. They mean nothing if they are not SHOWN to our children. Tom, let us not forget the mom who retrieved her 16 yr. old son from the Baltimore riots. In addition, last week a 15 yr. old boy in Tennessee was killed trying to buy a gun (no cops involved). THINK PEOPLE, THINK!!!!

  22. specialt757 on said:

    Okay just so I’m clear about this, the only kids that were being “defiant” were the black kids? I don’t think so, when the cop told the crowd to disperse, was he not talking to everyone? In the video I saw, all colors of kids and adults were standing around looking and talking and in awe quite frankly. No I don’t think kids should be defiant to any adult, whether it’s a neighbor, cop, teacher, etc…One kid even told the cops, “sir we just came from a birthday party” Please remember, these kids were not committing a crime, they were black at a party where white adults didn’t want them. Unless it’s their personal pool, they have no say so unless they are committing a crime. Being black in America has become a crime it appears and if you try to fight against this injustice you are said to be the problem. Miss me with that BS.

  23. klaire73 on said:

    I am an African-American mother/teacher and I’m UPSET that so many people are focusing on the avoidable outcome instead of addressing how this whole situation didn’t have to happen. I counted at least 7 blatant acts of DEFIANCE by all the teens in the video and 2 more specific to the African-American girl that led to her being “taken down”. #1. Too many minors for the space and monitoring SO TIME TO LEAVE, #2. Openly upset adults  SO TIME TO LEAVE, #3. Adults threatened to call the police SO TIME TO LEAVE, #4. Police called SO TIME TO LEAVE, #5. Sirens can be heard SO TIME TO LEAVE, #6. Police pull up SO TIME TO LEAVE, #7. Police are assessing the situation SO TIME TO LEAVE, #8. Police give the order to disperse SO TIME TO LEAVE, #9. A girl in a bikini was arguing with the police, #10. The same girl refused to put her arms behind her back, #11. Some agitated males ran up on the sole police officer to defend the girl. Well, I had more than 7, but you get my point. Forget about the racist cops for a moment! What happened to raising our children to be smart, well-behaved, and mannerable?! I see and hear about blatant DEFIANCE everyday in classrooms around the nation, but too many African-American kids bring an unpredictable aggressiveness and I aint-got-nothing-to-lose attitude that ups the ante (gets adrenaline going) for anyone who gets in their way. Forget the police, our ancestors would be beating the mess out of us or come close to killing us themselves if they knew we were making excuses for an entire generation to repeatedly do the 11 defiant acts I recorded. So until we go back to raising the bar on how we raise obedient African-American children, I am not pushing for the cop to be fired. FYI, Tom Joyner, good-suburban kids would have left at #1 (per my scaredy-cat daughter and her girlfriends). So, as long as we continue to allow our children to portray themselves as the boogeymen that racists expect, then defiant “call my mama” kids should get more than what they bargained for. Ultimately, Tom Joyner will get his wish and they will fire the cop for “losing it”. But firing racist cops won’t fix the intensifying problem with our combative children as more police officers, teachers, and everybody else “loses it” over these kids’ hot messiness.

    • specialt757 on said:

      My daughter and friends would have also gotten their asses out of there, but had she not, I would have still come to her defense, because what this cop did to this girl was completely unnecessary.

    • Ms Curly on said:

      I agree with some of what you said, until you got to the “good-suburban kids” part. These are kids suburban or not and although they did not use good judgement the cop was over agressive. Of all the kids there that were he decided to focus on the girl. Whatever she was saying she seemed to be walking away.

    • Lilly44 on said:

      Why do people have to always state there race when they comment as if that makes them more credible in the topic? Just say what you have to say and be done with it. But, I will ask Miss African American teacher, what part of Africa are you from? .
      I bet you haven’t stepped foot on one country on th continent of Africa. Can you even point it out on a map? Miss African American teahcer.

  24. specialt757 on said:

    This really is an outrage, but this cop will get off with no charges filed, as usual. “I feared for my life” BS will be his excuse. This teenage girl was clearly un-armed and not fighting back, although resisting (and that’s just out of natural instinct), who wants to be thrown to the ground? What was her crime? Oh I got it, “being black in a middle class white neighborhood.” If not fired, put his ass on desk duty and clearly, more sensitivity training.

  25. Nathan on said:

    I am a Black Man 62 years old. The young lady did not follow directions, which lead to this situation. If you watch the video, she ran in and out of the scene three times before she was pulled down by the police officer. Now if I am a police officer and I have a suspect down on the ground, you should never and I mean never rush up on me, and I have a gun. If these kids were good kids, why were the police called in the first place?

    • specialt757 on said:

      If these kids were good kids…” These kids don’t have to be anything but black is why the police were called. It was apparent to me that other kids (white, etc…) in the neighborhood or at the pool (because they were in swimming gear) knew these kids, they most likely were invited, at least some. Now if you’ve ever been to any party as a kid you know kids bring their friends or other kids with them. STOP making excuses for this bad cop’s behavior, he was rounding up these kids like they were getting ready for a slave auction.

    • Any you’re a 62 year old fool to think that what he did was right, especially since he only went after her when there were numerous people on the same scene. Cussing at those kids, pulling one to the ground by her hair, pushing her face into the ground, and placing both his knees (and full weight on her back) IS NOT PROCEDURE! That girl clearly is under 115 pounds and he’s clearly over 150. The fact that you’re supposedly an older black man who thinks a cop has the right to pull his gun on unarmed kids is fvcking sad.

    • MD Vet Mom on said:

      Nathan I actually agree with your post and why my daughters knew how to handle B more police when they get stopped etc. Making the situation worse doesn’t help. They know I don’t play and get me on the phone I WILL DEAL WITH POLICE!! @TJ-This is why I agree with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake NOT letting police go after the KIDS rioting. She would have been hung in the two faced media if one of those kids were hurt badly! Why does everyone keep forgetting the police were called? I live in a private condo community (which I love after leaving thug city B more) in which neighbors will call 911 quickly on out of control teens or folks who don’t belong here!!!

      • They “rushed” him alright. Until they saw that heat come out of that holster. She was on her own then, because their monkey asses scattered like cockroaches. That was funny as hell.

    • Joy2 on said:

      @Nathan: “If these kids were good kids, why were the police called in the first place?” Nathan please think before writing a comment, and at least know (some) details of what happened, The fore-mentioned part of your comments sound ridiculous.

  26. mike b on said:

    Take his gun, take his badge, fire the idiot and be done with it. I found it interesting the cop let that white guy hover around him for the longest time without saying a word to him. Had the guy not been white, the cop would’ve been screaming at him like a maniac to get his ass out of there NOW.

  27. Pain on said:

    Why was it that the only ones being harassed n talked to like slaves were the black kids, that racist pig didn’t have anything to say to the white kids and some of them could have also not lived in the neighborhood. He’s a total coward when he has to assault children to make himself feel good, what I wouldn’t give for five minutes alone with him, cause I’m not a little kid who’s scared Im a grown man.

  28. Starr on said:

    This is so sad. Smh.I hate this really happened. This would have been a very BIG law suit against the McKinney Police Department. I’m sorry,but your not going to just handcuff MY CHILD nor pull my child’s hair just because of his/her skin color and not knowing what’s really going on and if you did know what’s going on your STILL NOT GOING TO DO THAT. Why he didn’t ASK what was going on instead of sticking at these kids smh. Just another sad scenario. Lord please take the wheel. And then he gets paid while being suspended!!!!! Nooooo,not a way in hell. That’s like giving water in Hell. Smh. These cops are getting out of hand.

  29. Darryl on said:

    It couldn’t have been my child. Im sitting here at work and im so disturb by this video i cant walk into work yet. And they wonder why we are so angry. Im with you Tom fire his RACIST ASS now. Do like they like they would have black people your guilty until proven innocent

  30. Linda on said:

    Why not resort to putting up a “WHITE’S ONLY” sign-since that seems to be the mentality you seem to have!!!!!

    The last time that I noticed, WE BLACK FOLKS can go where ever we choose!!!!!


    • MacBen on said:

      No, you cannot go “wherever” you want to go. A lot of neighborhoods have associations these days which make them private communities. That “association” status, amongst other things, protects the common areas such as greenbelts, parks and POOLS, and reserves their use for residents only. This particular neighborhood is one such place and IS NOT WHITES ONLY- that is not what I was advocating but you knew that; you just wanted to fan those racial flames. sad.

    • Mac Ben on said:

      You mad bro? What….are you my little baw stalker now? …Want me to bust that thang out for you like your uncles used to?? It was a pool party- a pool party those kids were not invited to.

  31. Reblogged this on The Resident Legal Diva and commented:
    So not sure where in the police standard operating procedure it is permissible for an officer to slap a young girl across the face, pull her hair, throw her to the ground, push her face in the dirt, place a knee and her back — all in the process of effectuating (at best) a misdemeanor arrest where no violence has been offered…but we will watch the investigation unfold.

  32. They are going to beat us until Jesus comes..Mark my words.and black people will fight each other until Jesus comes too. Love does not kill. We’re under grace that’s true just don’t forget to resist Satan while you’re under grace. If you are angry at your brother you are in danger of the council & you call him a name in danger of judgment if you beat someone or kill them I’m pretty sure people are in danger of hell fire. But hey go ahead do what you want. If you think the Lord is delaying his coming & you start to drink & get drunk with the drunkards & beat your servants a portion of hell you’ll receive there will be weeping & nashing of teeth. Regardless of your occupation & nationality

  33. Damn rascist dirty ass so called cops. If they were white teenagers they would never had handcuffed them pulled them to the ground by their hair and totally disrespected them. This shit needs to stop. I hope her parents sue the shit out of that so called police force Outrageous!

    • Esau on said:

      No excuse for the actions of those cops. The cop should be fired immediately and I’d sue the shit out of that police dept, city, and anyone else connected to the municipality.

  34. Everywhere the white man went he tagged along the black man & other so called minorities. So now the whole country is as fault for being a BIG BULLY. Solldier Brainwashed & Beaten to submission makes a good soldier.Now my people Willingly fight people they never had beef with. What war was OUR WAR our fight? None of them.

  35. White cops should patrol their own neighborhoods & we patrol & serve our own community. They don’t KNOW US AFTER 400 YEARS they DON’T KNOW US after the Civil Rights Bill they don’t know us Rich or Poor or as slaves..they’re not our people they’ll never respect us not even in a suburban neighborhood. Doesn’t matter if we live in the projects, or the suburbs we still get treated the same. And we treat each other bad too. A lot of us are brainwashed in Babylon.

  36. This is ridiculous. I live in a community that has a community pool. I have seen white children, black children and many others using the pool that I am sure don’t live in our community. Do I care? Hell No. It is hot as hell and as long as they are not being rude and nasty. Anyone that sees anything other than a bully is just as stupid and racist as the cops and the grown ass white men standing by and watching and not calling a supervisor form the police force.

    • I totally agree. This all started because someone didn’t like the idea of these kids being their but had it been majority white you would not have heard a thing.

  37. reflections on said:

    This is how professional police officers handle unarmed teenagers. This is why video is so important but will the officer be held accountable for brutalizing these kids? No all he will say is he was in fear for his life against so many african americans and received a paid vacation courtesy of the taxpayers. Thank god for police unions to never hold police officers accountable for anything. We all should have a union.

  38. MacBen on said:

    Why don’t they get together and have a pool installed in their own neighborhood? Tear down one of the basketball courts, dig it out and fill with cement- voila! No need to trespass into those tax and dues-paying white folks property!

    • You idiot it was a party. The people whom had the party lived in the neighborhood. This was in the suburbs of Dallas. These kids parents probably have enough money to get the hole in your trailer\ meth lab fixed.

      • MacBen on said:

        They were not invited which is why the cops were called- you idiot. They were trespassing- this was not a public pool or party, which is why I ask why they just didn’t have their own…; don’t be so emotional and understand the whole story.

      • Stephanie on said:

        @ macben – In other articles, it was reported that some of the black kids were invited, and some also lived in the neighborhood. My question to you is how do you know that ALL of the whites kids attending were invited guests and did not crash the party?

    • specialt757 on said:

      MacBen it’s clear your issues run deep. Who’s to say these kids don’t live in the neighborhood or that they don’t have pools in their neighborhood, they were invited to a pool party. You are too racist for your own damn good.

    • zaypriest on said:

      I usually dont respond or comment on these matters. But this guy clearly needs education. Ignorance is flowing out ur mouth

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