Good morning Dr. Didi. When should you introduce juice to the baby?

Babies do not need to be introduced to juice until after 6-12 months. In the first 6 months, all baby needs is breastmilk.

What do you think about all these people kissing babies in the mouth?

That’s a BIG NO NO! Ask them to kiss baby’s hand or foot but not the mouth or face.

I’m not a parent, but how should a baby sleep, especially when you take into account the risk of SIDS?

The American Academy of Pediatrics still recommends a baby sleeping on the back with no sheets, pillows, stuffed toys, nothing in the bed, just the fitted sheet on the mattress.

My grandma wouldn’t let any women hold babies who were on their menstrual cycle. What’s that about?

It’s likely an old folk tale, no medical reason for that one, but grandmas know best!

What makes asthma and eczema common for babies and what are the best ways to treat it?

Neither are really common, but babies have very sensitive airways and skin, so it’s important to use hypoallergenic products or products formulated for baby’s skin & hair to decrease chance of a skin rash or reaction. Babies also don’t need to wash as frequently as kids or adults, so once a week with a sponge bath and just using wipes the rest of the time is best.

As far as asthma, I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping cigarette smoke away from baby! It’s the biggest culprit in triggering airway problems in babies.

Is it okay to boil anise seeds like tea to give to a baby for colic?

Yes, but try gripe water first, as well as burping consistently after feeding and gentle tummy massage. What can we do to get rid of the congestion?

Babies have tiny noses and can easily get congested but if she stays congested, take her to the pediatrician for a quick check.

My daughter-in-law just had my grandson, who is a preemie. He is now a month old, doing well. However, she has been unable to produce much milk to breast feed. She has tried various methods, but has been unsuccessful. Any suggestions?

It’s really important for her to see a lactation specialist and they can work with her. The best way to contact one is through her hospital as well as online with La Leche League.

How long is the newborn stage? When is a baby not considered a newborn any more?

After the first 3 months, they start their first transition. In the first year, although they change daily and weekly, big transitions happen every 2-3 months.

I’m going to be a grandfather soon, we are debating as to when to cut the cord. I have read that waiting up to three minutes will give the baby a better flow of blood, thus brain functions might be better, as opposed to clamping and cutting immediately.

A lot of new evidence is pointing toward the benefits of delayed cord clamping and some hospitals now ask providers to just do it. Definitely discuss with your son or daughter and their partner and have them talk to their OB provider.

My baby is almost 2 months. Since birth he holds milk in his mouth and may spit a little out an hour or so after feeding. Is that normal?

As long as he is growing and not in pain or uncomfortable, a little spit-up is not harmful, but I strongly recommend talking to his pediatrician to make sure.

My son has had a rattle on his chest. You don’t hear it all the time, but you hear it. The doctor said his breathing sounded fine  – what causes that?

Without seeing or examining the baby, it would be hard to tell, but it sounds like you are concerned, so I recommend you talk to the pediatrician again.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant when I asked when is it okay for a newborn to come outside, I was told 4-6 weeks. Can the same be said for the mom? My mom and aunt are very old school and are adamant about the mother not leaving the house for much longer.

If  you have a vaginal delivery, you can go out as soon as you want! If you have a C-section then give yourself a week or so, just because you will be sore and tired. I strongly encourage all my patients to start walking and getting out as soon as they are up to it.

How often should a baby nurse? What about leaving a nursing baby while you go out to work? Why is pregnancy being treated as the new disease?

Every baby is different, but on average, babies nurse every 2-3 hours. If you are planning on going back to work, then pumping will help you keep your baby breastfed while you’re gone. And you are absolutely right, pregnancy is not a disease! It’s just a different state of health. We just need be better educated about being healthy and pregnant.

My wife is pregnant and skipped taking her prenatal vitamins. Will this affect the baby (she just finished the first trimester)????

Prenatal vitamins are like the icing on a cake! The most important thing your wife can do is to maintain a healthy diet, i.e. fruits, vegetables, lean meats, the right fish and grains and your baby will have everything it needs.

Why is giving babies mercury that’s in vaccines okay? Babies are getting lots of vaccinations these days and many parents say it has caused health problems such as autism in their previously healthy child.

Mercury is no longer used in vaccines and should no longer be something to worry about. We now know that there is no link between autism and vaccination, but unfortunately people are still misinformed. Vaccinating children protects them from childhood diseases that can have deadly consequences. If you have concerns, I encourage you to speak to your pediatrician.

 Is it safe to use coconut oil for diaper rash?

Yes, you can use it but diaper rash ointments are better because they contain zinc oxide, which has great healing and protective properties for the skin.

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