A Georgia childcare worker has been fired and charged after she reportedly slammed a 16-month-old baby into a mat at the center. Jonee Nicole Hamilton, 20, was fired by the facility after the Nov. 28 incident. Police are investigating after they got a report that an employee of the center had taken a 16-month-old child […]

The family is shedding white tears because they are being sued.

Why do we need to pay more attention to childcare these days? According to a new study by, the cost of childcare has gone up for the fifth year in a row. In fact, a division of real estate site Zillow analyzed the study and found that at $1,385 a month, the average cost of child care in […]

Destyni Triplett, a 19-year-old Georgia mom, was arrested last week and charged with reckless conduct after leaving her 18-month-old son alone in an unlocked, running car while she took a nursing exam, reports Atlanta’s 11 Alive. Sandy Springs, Georgia police were alerted after a security guard spotted the unattended child, who had been crying for 15 […]

  Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Dr. Didi Saint-Louis spent her formative years traveling due to her father’s job as a Haitian diplomat. Now living in Atlanta, Dr. Didi is the head mommy-in-charge of two and owner of Healthy Mommy, Happy Baby, Inc., the intelligent resource for moms of color seeking medically sound advice and tips […]

A mother breastfeeding her child is the most natural thing she can do in early childcare, but many mothers are still unsure of how to…

South Carolina’s News Channel 6 in North Augusta reported recently on the case of Debra Harrell, a working mother jailed for leaving her 9-year-old daughter at the park…