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Comedian/actress Sherri Shepherd may not have the best potential Valentine’s Day this year, but she does get a lot of love hanging out with the TJMS every Thursday. Here’s what she had to say this week:

On her Valentine’s Day plans: 

“Some girls invited me to a Jack and Jill Valentine’s Day gala. The women are going with their husbands – my Mocha Moms group. I said ‘I’m not going by myself, but they said our husbands will dance with you’ – that’s the ultimate in pathetic. I’m going to be dancing with you and your husband.”

On ‘50 Shades of Gray’

“I don’t know if I want to go home and see a belt on the bed. It’s a lot of submission and domination in 50 Shades of Gray. It’s going to be big. But I’d love to see Magic Mike on Valentine’s Day. Micheal Strahan and Channing Tatum. A lot of them want ropes and thangs. I’m already tied up…in a lot of legal stuff. I don’t need to be tied up any more. Tied up’s not good for Sherri Shepherd.

On ‘The View’: 

“It’s very chaotic over there. I think they’re just trying to find a groove. Now, not only do they have to find a replacement for Rosie [O’Donnell] they were always looking for someone to sit in that fifth chair. So now they have to fill the fourth and the fifth chair. (It is reported that Rosie was making between $5 and 10 million) Clear people be walking away from some [money.] I don’t care if I’m having problems. I’d still be there. (Coughs) I don’t care if I’m sick. I want the money. Rosie helped me negotiate for my job with The View. Rosie told me how much she made and how much everyone else made. She helped me throughout my whole negotiation process. Would I go back? I would go back as a co-host, but you’ve got to move on.

On ‘Empire’ and Lee Daniels: 

This is a Lee Daniels production. I’d like to think I was one of the stars of Precious. So he has Gabby Sidibe Lee uses a lot of the same people. I had Lee’s personal phone number. So my agents called me and said you have a general meeting with the casting director. I was like ‘What?! I’m not going in, I’m calling Lee myself. That’s when you go in and meet the people. You don’t even know if  you have a job. I texted my friend, Lee Daniels, to let him know I’m not doing ‘The View’ anymore, I’m an actress again. It said “Message Undelivered – he changed his number!’

On broadcaster Greg Anthony’s prostitution arrest: 

“I don’t understand it. He used to come on The View because they were actually considering hiring him ono The View with us, when we all thought we were coming back. (Laughs). He’s a really nice man. He always talks about his wife and his new child.”

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