1. Bobby Brown vs The Houston family

2. The King Children have a history of feuding over their father’s legacy- Now Martin Luther III and Dexter King are suing their sister Bernice King over the rights to their father’s Nobel Peace Prize and Bible.

3. Oprah Winfrey sparked a family feud with her stepmom after stepping in and purchasing her dad’s barbershop for him. (AP)

4. After the tragic death of Donna Summer, two of her three daughters fought over her $75M fortune. (Photo: AP)

5. Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry had a long drawnout feud over custody of their daughter Nahla. (Photo: AP)

6. Eminem has had so many feuds but probably his most famous would be with his mother, Debbie. (Photo: AP)

7. Chaka Khan fought & won custody of her granddaughter in 2011 due to her son & the child’s mother being on drugs. (AP)

8. Usher’s little brother James Lackey and his baby mama feuded over money, she wanted more.

9. Anna Nicole Smith & Pierce Marshall feuded for 15 years over her late husband & his dad’s will. (Photo: AP)

10. Demi Moore’s daughters had it with her craziness at one point and they were considering taking out a TRO on their mom. (AP)

11. Madonna’s feud with her brother Christoper began after he released a detailed tell-all book about life with his sis.

12. In 2012, Paris Jackson took to Twitter causing more drama & a feud with & between her dad’s brothers & sisters. (Photo: AP)

13. Crazy Jon & Kate plus eight feuding over money, custody and reality television shows. (AP)