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Rapper/actor Ja Rule has another hit on his hands but this time, it’s not a movie or a film. Rule, the rapper from Queens, whose hits “Holla Holla,” Can I Get A…””Put It On Me,” “Ain’t It Funny” and “I’m Real” shot him to the top of the hip-hop stratosphere in the 2000’s has just penned a memoir Unruly.

It takes you from his life coming up as part of the Queens hip-hop contingent and into the early days of rap when he was rhyming with DMX and Jay-Z.

In fact, he says his big break was with Jigga.

“I’d probably say ‘Can I Get A,” with me and Jay-Z on the ‘Rush Hour’ soundtrack. That was my first big introduction to the music business. I applaud his efforts and what he’s done for the music business.”

Rule’s book covers a lot of his early life and his career including his stint in jail for a weapons violation. He also covers his infamous feud with 50 Cent, one many music observers feel was the death knell for his rap career. Rule has he has heard that some folks are “butt-hurt” about some of the things he said in the book, but that he’s way past over any previous hip-hop beef.

“I’ve grown past all of that but it seems like people still have problems with me. It seems like it will forever be an ongoing thing. It is what it is. I’m just telling my story. If it was part of my life, so I got to put it in there.”

Although the book is extremely revealing, Rule says he did leave some things out. He checked in with his mother to make sure he got her parts right, but other than that, he wrote the truth of his life. He says despite the ups and downs of his life and career, he’s OK with how both have gone thus far.

“I don’t regret anything in life. I believe anything you do in life, whether good or bad, it builds character and it makes you the man that you are. We go through ups and downs, we go through obstacles and hurdles but the important thing is to keep your feet moving.”

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