Take a look at 8 books published over the years that we think would also make for certified blockbuster hits in theaters.

Take a minute during Labor Day Weekend to relax and check out one these 15 books by Black authors we curated for your reading pleasure.

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The estate of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has reached an international agreement with HarperCollins Publishers, which released his first book more than 60 years ago, for rights to his archive.

Check out Black America Web's list of good reads by iconic soul sirens from the past and dominating divas on the radio today, including Mariah Carey, Nina Simone, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, Patti LaBelle, Grace Jones and more.

Even though the novel is still hot on the press, Stacey Abrams' new book 'While Justice Sleeps' is already in development to be turned into a television series. 

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Black mom and psychologist celebrates natural hair and black mother-daughter bonds with her new book, "Hair Day."

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TUCSON, Arizona (AP) — When Oprah Winfrey chose the novel “American Dirt” for her book club, she imagined engaging in an impassioned television dialog about the narrative, which follows a Mexican mother and her son fleeing to the United States. Instead, Winfrey ended up organizing a show that put the book, author Jeanine Cummins and […]

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When he is not focused on winning on the court,  LeBron James is all about the kids. He has already established his successful I Promise school in his hometown of Akron,  Ohio and now he is working towards being an author. The three-time NBA champion will be releasing his own children’s book titled I Promise, CNN reports. “Books […]

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NEW YORK (AP) — As debate rages around “American Dirt,” the bestselling novel criticized for its portrait of Mexican life and culture, publishers are pledging to change a historically white industry as critics question whether it can truly transform. Diversity has been an issue in publishing for years, but perhaps never so urgently as in […]

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Books created by Kobe Bryant’s content company soared in popularity in the days following the basketball legend’s death in a helicopter crash. A trio of the books created by Bryant’s Granity Studios will occupy the top three spots on the Middle Grade Hardcover portion of The New York Times’ best-seller list for Feb. 16. “Epoca: […]


NEW YORK (AP) — Barnes & Noble is withdrawing a planned line of famous literature reissued with multicultural cover images that has been met with widespread criticism on social media.   Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter! “We acknowledge the voices who have expressed concerns about the Diverse Editions project […]

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NEW YORK (AP) — The publisher of Jeanine Cummins’ controversial novel “American Dirt” has canceled the remainder of her promotional tour, citing concerns for her safety. The novel about a Mexican mother and her young son fleeing to the U.S. border had been praised widely before its Jan. 21 release and was chosen by Oprah […]