‘Tis the season of love yet again beauties– hello wedding season! So whether you are shopping for the perfect white gown or a lime green taffeta tea dress (#FixItJesus), know that this wedding season you can be the hottest hard body in the chapel. So let’s do it!  Get double take ready with these hot exercises.

The key is to “strong arm” your workouts boo. Literally. Majority of the skin that folks will see on the big day is above the belt, so focus on these muscles by training them in a dynamic way. That means stop doing your tired routine of bicep curls, overhead press, dips…repeat and replace it with one or two dynamic exercises. Not only will you incorporate multiple muscles at once but you will also save mad time. Win win.

All you need is 5-10lb weights and a little space. Try each exercise for at least 12 reps.

If you can do two sets and your arms aren’t trembling with joy then do yourself and that lime green bridesmaid dress a solid and up your weights. 


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