Aaliyah fans continue to complain about the casting of Zendaya Coleman in Lifetime’s upcoming biopic of the late singer, and some have turned attention toward her skin color, claiming the actress isn’t black enough.

During a recent interview with Splash News, the biracial Disney star offered a response for the haters.

“Well a lot of people say that I’m not black, but this gentleman is my father,” Zendaya said before putting her arm around her dad, who is African-American.

“Half black is just enough,” she continued. “It doesn’t matter what color you are, it’s about how you portray the character.”

Zendaya referenced the film “What’s Love Got to Do With It” as an example.

“For those that don’t know, Angela Bassett and Tina Turner, they look nothing alike but she was that character so I think that’s what it’s all about.”

Zendaya’s dad, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, made light of the skin color backlash, adding: “And another thing, they’re shooting this in the summer. So Zendaya will be spending lots of time in the sun and she’ll be dark enough.”

As previously reported, the biopic, tentatively titled “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B,” will be based on Christopher Farley’s book, Aaliyah: More Than a Woman. Among the critics denouncing the project are Aaliyah’s family.

Her cousin and president of her label Blackground Records, Jomo Hankerson, released a statement through the family’s PR team denying any involvement with the project:

“Aaliyah was more than a singer, she was -and is still – an American music icon whose legacy continues to live on and influence today’s music culture, just as Ray Charles, Notorious B.I.G., Selena and Johnny Cash. Considering the magnitude of her fans’ affection alone, she deserves to have a tribute much more grand than a television network debut that won’t even consider the perspectives of those who were closest to Aaliyah. Disregarding the families and dishonoring the legacies of celebrated figures who have passed on, big networks want to exploit their stories for a buck. We’re here to make it clear that it’s not okay! Lifetime Television is trying to dictate the status of our heroes, our heroines and – in this case – our beloved Aaliyah. We implore everyone to call Lifetime Television, send emails and bombard social media so they know we demand respect for our cultural icons. We will not sit idly by while they misrepresent and reap profits from our luminaries. There is more at stake than the public could imagine.”

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15 thoughts on “Zendaya Blasts Critics [AGAIN] Who Say She’s Too Light-Skinned to Play Aaliyah

  1. Tabatha on said:

    People it’s not about parentage. Its about a real person that should be honored and respected for what she contributed to the arts. Aaliyah was real not fiction if this was a fictional peice it wouldn’t matter ,but it is not so it does.

  2. dat dude on said:

    What moron actually came up with this excuse? It isn’t about her skin color, I mean have you seen Shake It Up? The chick can barely dance and can’t act to save her life!

  3. Mac Ben on said:

    Black folks are the biggest racists in the world and this article is proof! It won’t matter who gets the role the film will be a flop. Aaliyah fans are all forty-somethings now… and don’t go to movies in the numbers required to make a hit; face it, this won’t be a hit for white folk!

  4. Okay you guys! I’ve been reading the comments and I’m not sure you guys even know why you SHOULD be upset as to why this female is playing the role of our great Aaliyah. First, yes this female is too light and too simple minded to play the role of Aaliyah but then again Hollywood and social society has been doing this for years to black people when casting for black characters in the media. Lightening the image of black people to make the darker blacks become more obsolete. Two, if this female really respects Aaliyah she would respect the wishes of Aaliyah’s family for being against this and not being apart of this biopic; and three Yes Angela Bassett does not look like Tina Turner but they both do have something in common: “THEY ARE BOTH DARK COMPLEXED WOMEN.” There are plenty of roles that a light skin black can play, naming a white character in a movie. White people for many years have been accepted to star in a televised or movie role of black people but a Europeanized black person who are light skinned can’t play a white role. You guys wake up and realize what is going on. Hate me! I don’t care! The truth is the truth!

    • IanRousseault on said:

      How is it possible that you do not realize how DUMB and IGNORANT you sound?????? I will pray for you vee, that somehow you are not for real, there is no way in HELL, someone can be this oblivious to what’s really going on in life! Light skinned, Dark skinned???????? WHO CARES???? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE IGNORAMUS????????????

  5. J.B. on said:

    Wait, a man who has a black father / white mother and was raised by a white grandmother in Hawaii is black because he is liberal. But an young actress who has a black father / white mother but does not promote liberal causes is not black enough?

    • IanRousseault on said:

      J.B. It just goes to show you how F_____ up in the head, a lot of people of color are!!! Do you really think that the Creator, who made all races, really had this BULL____ in mind, when it came to his idea of the world and it’s inhabitants????? As human beings, we are beyond sad and pathetic! Who cares about the color of your skin? What about your character? Doesn’t that mean anything at all????

  6. Michelle on said:

    This article is misleading. Both women are light-skinned. This girl does NOT look like Aaliyah & I guess it is difficult for some to see how she could portray a young woman that seems so much more mature than she is. Zendayah looks very Disney, Aaliyah’s look was very sultry.

  7. IanRousseault on said:

    It just shows you just how STUPID people are who think like this! Her skin color has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with her acting abilities. Some people are just going to remain DUMB ASSES no matter what you do to try to educate them. You must face it, there are some people who refused to open their small little brains and really grow as a human being. These dumb F____ will always be left behind in life and on things that really matter!!!!!!!

  8. June on said:

    When BP stop supporting projects that they excluded from and projects with actors who date or marry WW, Mixed Race, Latino etc., Women, Holywood and Black Men will get the message! How do you expect the Women you slap in the face to support you?

    • Kabrelya on said:

      We lift these singers, athletes, and actors up in support. They get rich and it is not a black women that they marry, just saying, the truth is the truth. Don’t have a problem with color but it seems like as we support them, they would support us as well.

  9. Barb on said:

    Why is it that it’s always WW, Asian, Latino or Mixed Race Women/girls that get the opportunities? I will not not watch it! Same crap these stupid BM going after WW, Asian, Latino or Mixed Race Women!

    • IanRousseault on said:

      Who gives a F___ about some one’s race or skin color????? It’s 2014, When are you going to allow that brain of yours to really, truly function as a real human being?????????

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