Admist the controversial casting of Zendaya as ‘Aaliyah’ and Lifetime’s decision to continue to move forward with the biopic, despite her families disapproval, Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with a member of the family.

Jomo Hankerson is theย President of Blackground Records and is the Detroit native’s first cousin. He tells the TJMS why he and his family aren’t on board with the new film.

“They are basing the story on the book but the interviews in the book were more in conjunction with the album that came out at the time. It didn’t include her life. Our real problem is you can have conversations with us…we’re still around,” Hankerson says.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview and find out if the family thinks Aaliyah would be bigger than Beyonce.


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3 thoughts on “‘She Would’ve Been Bigger Than Beyonce’ – Jomo Hankerson, Aaliyah’s First Cousin

  1. Remeha on said:

    First off, Jomo is full of shit. Why is he acting like the mouthpiece all of a sudden for the family? Until I hear a statement from Diane or Rashad, I’m not interested in anything he has to say. Furthermore, Aaliyah was Aaliyah. She was her own separate unique entity. She was in her own lane, and had the world at her feet. All the comparisons are unnecessary. She was beautiful, talented, and extremely well liked in the industry. All of which is very rare in show business. If the family (her mom and brother) were on board with this movie, I would have no problems with it. I would love to see an accurate depiction of her life. I think people deserve to know what made her so captivating and intriguing. Why did everybody from Whitney Houston, to Stevie Wonder, to Janet Jackson like her so much? Fans deserve to know. But if the family doesn’t want it, i.e. Rashad and Diane, then I wholeheartedly respect that. I do not trust Jomo and his father at ALL.

  2. I loved aaliyah,but im sick of them always trying to put others down bc of her.she passed sway when will ppl move on…it almost like aaliyah fans envy beyonce…them two had different voices,swags,and sounds…there is no disrespect but they act like her voice was better than mariah c , Whitney Houston and every body combined…

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