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Music has brought us an array of style icons.

Many of the singers from the last 50 years have made an impact on not only our taste in music, but also our individual style.

Take a look at just some of our picks for the coolest, most legendary dressers below.

Patti Labelle

With over 50 years in the business it’s hard to imagine Patti without her powerhouse vocals, let alone without her elaborate style. Both made her the bonafide star she is today. She understood early on the power of fashion and broke style barriers with her infamous costumes she wore on stage. And her hairstyles were just as famous as she was. Long Before Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga came on the scene with their outrageous wigs, the Philly native sported everything from lacquered hair to an asymmetrical cut, long before it was popular.

Check out the 1974 hit ‘Lady Marmalade’ and get a glimpse of Patti’s groundbreaking style above.

Whitney Houston

Whitney’s effortless talent and beauty made her America’s sweetheart in the 80’s. And in the 90’s she single-handedly represented for every black girl. Whitney’s conceptual looks easily made her into the huge star she was before her untimely death. From her early days as a demure pop diva to the leather-wearing moments of the new millennium, Whitney’s distinctive three-decade long career saw a love affair with sequins, over the top hair and fancy ball gowns, none of which made for any complaints.

Watch ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ below and get inspired by Whitney’s fun looks all over again:

Donna Summer

Donna was known as the Queen of Disco and she dressed the part like no other. Her sultry voice and lust-filled lyrics complimented her sexy style perfectly. Without a doubt, whenever she took the stage, you were sure to get an eyeful. Although she is no longer with us, her music continues to  inspire a generation as does her personal style. So the next time you opt for a bohemian look, always remember the fashion icon that help make the trend popular.

Take a look at the 1978 smash ‘Last Dance’ below for a dose of 70’s chic:

Chaka Khan

Almost as soon as her musical debut in 1973, Chaka was a hit with audiences that crossed color lines. The Chicago native’s insanely high octaves could be heard on pop and R&B records, but it was her incredible style that made women want to be her. She’s gone from belly baring crop tops alongside Rufus to sexy lace corsets, all of which made you do a double take. Even today, her unique fashion style still speaks to being your own woman.

Rewind to 1984 and enjoy one of Chaka’s classics below:

Diana Ross

When you decide to forgo a career in fashion for an amazing bout with music, it’s just about impossible for some of the early dreams of designing to not find it’s way into your wardrobe. Such was the case for Diana Ross. Her baby doll eyelashes and sequined jumpsuits only accentuated her sweet voice that the world grew to love. And how could we forget the glamour? The size of her fur, jewels and famous locks seemed to get bigger after starring in classics like ‘The Wiz’ and ‘Mahogany’. And we’re not mad at all.

Watch Diana Live In Central Park performing ‘I’m Coming Out’ below:

Who are some of your favorite style icons in the music industry? Which era had the best fashion?

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