50 cent red carpetIt’s obvious rapper/business man 50 Cent hasn’t learned about there being a time and place for everything. He was recently hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit after he made disparaging remarks about a budding video model.

According to reports, video model Sally Ferreira hit the rapper with a lawsuit worth $5 million alleging 50 Cent has been spreading the two were romantically involved and then leaking behind-the-scenes photos from his video shoot that insinuated the relationship rumor. The incriminating evidence showed up on 50′s Instagram page, but has since been deleted. The photo of him and Ferreira was sent out on 50′s Instagram and Twitter to a combined total of nine  million followers. The caption to the photo read, “WARNING: Do not attempt to work with this thirsty video bitch.”


Sally says she never leaked any photos of her with 50 Cent and is adamant that she openly talked about her fiancé who she’s been with for nine years. She says 50 Cent’s posts have made her modeling career screech to a halt. She’s been under the stress of public ridicule and scorn. The ridicule has caused extreme emotional distress.

50 Cent has yet to comment on the matter.


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3 thoughts on “50 Cent Could Lose Millions For Ruining Video Model’s Career

  1. C.A.A. on said:

    Brother’s be very, very careful! It’s all about the money and nothing else. They will hang on your arm, go out with you, show up at events but under the same breath waiting for that moment to say “SUE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lol, Nicca you come correct. How do you even
        know that he made the comments? What career being a video chick? When did that become a career? And even he did a video chick being called a “thirsty bitch” does not 5 million make.

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