When  it comes to acquiring knowledge, the best place to be is at the feet of elders. The wisdom elders share is so necessary for your life that they could tell you something and it not manifest in your life until years later. Rapper Phonte got that experience through dealing with Mos Def.

In a video interview with The Hip Hop Fellow, the former member of Little Brother recounted a conversation he had with Mos Def where Mos relayed his mother’s idea as to why Hip-Hop was created in the first place. According to Phonte, Mos Def told him that Hip-Hop was created by the sons to take care of all of the mothers the fathers abandoned.

After Phonte shares that tidbit of motherly wisdom, he goes on to give advice to aspiring artists. He shared that one of his music teachers gave him one of the best pieces of advice when they told him that whenever you put out a record, that becomes the truth about you. It doesn’t matter if you were feeling sad the day you recorded the song,people just want the music to be good if they’re spending their time listening to it or purchasing it.

Check out the video. You can also see more of The Hip Hop Fellow’s interviews here.

What Mos Def’s Mom Taught Phonte About Hip-Hop [VIDEO]  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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