According to Boston 25 News, Sherell Bates now regrets leaving her house on Friday to go back-to-school shopping, given the treatment she was subjected to. The mom of two, who is weeks away from giving birth to twins, is outraged and humiliated after she says she was accused of trying to steal items under her […]

Super Model Tyra Banks has taken the fashion world by storm ever since she stepped onto the scene. From her modeling to her hit show America’s Next Top Model Banks continues to break the mold. This time she’s written a book with her mother called Perfect Is Boring: 10 Things My Crazy, Fierce Mama Taught Me About Beauty, […]

  Rappers 2 Chainz, YG and Offset chose to use their highly anticipated video for “Proud” to honor their mothers. The visual features all three rappers’ moms as the stars. 2 Chainz’s mother, decked in her son’s gold “Truu” necklace and gold-tinted Tom Ford Oliver shades, handles the opening verse with as much energy as […]

No matter how matter how much we’ve grown into adulthood, moms will always have all the answers. Jasmine Sanders gives us a list of the ten things we’ll always still ask mom, no matter how grown up we get. Click on the audio player to hear them all on “The D.L. Hughley Show.” Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]

When it comes to the dating scene, single mothers tend to get a bad rep. But the truth is, their life experiences and the skills they cultivate are what makes them the perfect dates! Click on the audio player to hear more from Jasmine Sanders on “The D.L. Hughley Show!” Sign Up For Our Newsletter! RELATED: How College Educated Single […]

Ain’t nothing wrong with waiting until you’re grown before you decide to have kids! But often when people do, they run into many of these 10 funny situations. Click on the audio player to hear Jasmine Sanders give you a list  on The D.L. Hughley Show! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! RELATED: How The Visit Would Be Different If […]

Meeting his parents isn’t easy. Especially when mom has already made up her mind about you before you even get to know each other! Listen to the audio as Dr. Jennifer Verdolin, an animal behavior expert and author of Wild Connections, explains the what to do in such a situation in this edition of Think Like A Human, Act […]

Being a parent is hard enough as it is, let alone being a single parent. Jasmine Sanders lists 10 things all single mothers and fathers want their children to understand as they raise them. Click on the audio player to hear them all on The D.L. Hughley Show.  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! RELATED: How To Handle Teenage Daughters As […]

Sometimes how a mother reacts to a break up can be more harmful to a child than a father who just leaves. What do you think? A father who abandons or a wounded mother. Let us know who does more damage in our poll below.   Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen to the “The D.L. […]

Mother’s Day is this weekend and AV asked our listeners which celebs their mothers would love to hear from. Listen to the audio player to hear…

There are places in the world where being a mother is awesome, but others not so much. Listen to the audio player to hear the best and worst places to be a mother in the latest Jazzy Report! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen to the “The D.L. Hughley Show” LIVE weekdays 3-7 p.m. EST! RELATED: Celebrities Your […]

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