Irea Nall (pictured) was arrested and charged with assault, inciting a panic, and aggravated trespassing when she reportedly forced her way in to Ohio’s Groveport Madison Middle School cafeteria and struck a child who she thought was her daughter’s tormentor, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

The 28-year-old incensed Mom reportedly had been told by her daughter that another girl had been bullying her; therefore, she made the decision to take matters in to her own hands.

When school officials reportedly refused to buzz the miffed Mom in to the school building, she reportedly barged her way in when a visitor was leaving the premises. Upon entering the middle school, Nall allegedly yelled at a school employee and even pushed an administrator out of her way who had tried to block her from further entering the building.

Nall’s disruption reportedly caused the school’s teachers to institute evacuation procedures in order to get the children out of the building.

When Nall entered the cafeteria, witnesses state that she stood up on a table and kicked food out of the way in order to lunge at the female student who her daughter said had been bullying her.

But Nall allegedly ended up striking the wrong student, and an administrator fell and got hurt trying to stop the Mother.

According to police records, after the ruckus, Nall grabbed her daughter and left the school’s premises.

But after a school investigation, it was revealed Nall’s daughter was never in fact, bullied at all.

Principal Darren Fillman sent a letter home with students explaining to parents that all of the school’s safety protocols with regards to the Nall incident were followed appropriately and will be further reviewed.


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