Take a look at the 10 least diverse cities in America, and see if your community is doing a good job or needs improvement.

Teachers packing heat alongside lunch may soon be the norm in Ohio thanks to a new firearms law signed by Gov. Mike DeWine.

Two Colerain High School students in Cincinnati made a mockery of prejudice by taping "Whites only" & "Blacks only" signs on water fountains.

A 58-year-old woman from Batavia, Ohio found herself hit with two felony charges after sending racist voicemail threats to Michigan lawmakers — not to mention Black queens! –  Rep. Sarah Anthony and Rep. Cynthia Johnson.

An Ohio pastor is being investigated by police for running multiple illegal funeral businesses across the state. He is now facing a slew of new charges after investigators uncovered the remains of 89 people in boxes and bags at his abandoned church in Akron. 

It appears that officials in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District are looking to make some social change by renaming a handful of educational institutions named after known slaveowners and those who supported racist ideologies. 

Brandi Davis, the founding principal of LeBron James’ I Promise School in Akron, Ohio, has resigned after she allegedly slapped a student.

The protesting that occurred in Columbus, Ohio last year led to many nonviolent participants being physically hurt due to excessive force by the police, and now 32 of those victims will be compensated for their injuries thanks to a $5.75 million settlement the city has agreed to pay up.

The owners of Kai’s Crab Boil in Columbus, Ohio, are searching for a customer who slapped an employee, and the incident was captured on video.

A George Floyd mural was destroyed after it was allegedly hit by lightning on Tuesday in Toledo, Ohio. Donald Trump Jr. said the destruction might be a sign from God.

One Ohio roadster found out that not all cops are bad after he, in an attempt to dodge a weed possession charge, swallowed his bud and had to actually be saved from choking on it by the officer that pulled him over.

Last Friday at the Sheffield Lake Police department, Police Chief Anthony Campo went to the department’s copier machine, printed out a small note that included the words “Ku Klux Klan,” then placed it on a raincoat set aside for a black officer, just before that officer entered the room.