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Sensual massage (also known as erotic massage) is a great way for couples to relax before getting into the main event and is an awesome form of foreplay to usher intimacy into the room. The body can become tense throughout the day from movement, stress and bad posture, so releasing those built up toxins and getting the body prepared for an amazing sexual experience is worth the time. If you are new to the techniques of sensual massage, don’t worry! You can become a massaging pro in no time by following these few simple tips.

Set The Scene

Transform the bedroom from a place of slumber into a romantic oasis of tranquil energy! Play some soothing music. Light a few scented candles to create mood lighting. Spark up a few incense to open up the olfactory senses. Make sure the temperature of the room is warm and comfortable.  Place your massage oils near the bed and place a towel on top of the bed sheets. You can even dress the bed with a new pair of sheets in a color that you both favor. Once the atmosphere has been set, it’s time to focus on the technique.

Use a Combination of Hand Techniques

Use the hands, fingers, knuckles and forearms to massage the different parts of the body. Long soft strokes, short and more firm strokes, kneading, twisting, and even scratching the skin are all ways to massage and caress the skin. Switch up the techniques every 15-30 seconds to send the body into a sensory frenzy.

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