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THOT-VideoThere’s one thing people tend to forget she they do ratchet things in front of a cellphone camera, people will post that video of you being ratchet on the internet to embarrass you. Celebrities are no exception. Rapper 2 Chainz put a groupie on blast when she tried to get some personal time with the rapper’s friend Cap 1.

The woman named Tina finagled her way backstage and as she waited for Cap 1, people in the backstage area began messing with her because she is a known groupie in the industry. 2 Chainz takes it to another level when he asks his boy, “Is this yo THOT?” (In case you’re looking puzzled, THOT means that whore over there.) After the rapper and his crew start making fun of Tina, they tell her to leave.

As Tina is heading for the door, she stops to tell the “All Me” rapper that she enjoyed his show. She then says she missed the show he did with new artist August Alsina. Too bad she calls Alsina “August Alselena” and as you would imagine, she got laughed at for it too.

While this is an embarrassing video, don’t feel bad for Tina. When she finds out she is being recorded and it is going to be posted on a blog, she asks if she looks good then tells the camera to follow her on Instagram. Check the video out below.


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Rapper Embarrasses Woman Over Groupie Ways [VIDEO] was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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