Bill O’Reilly is obsessed with criticizing Beyonce – for all the wrong reasons.

And it’s getting old.

O’Reilly, the conservative Fox News commentator, has unleashed a continuing campaign against Beyonce for her “raunchy” videos that O’Reilly says young girls – many of whom are Beyonce’s fans — should not watch.

He has criticized Beyonce on his Fox News program; he has blasted her to Russell Simmons, and most recently, O’Reilly appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman to beat up on Beyonce some more.

What’s the problem? O’Reilly says Beyonce’s Drunk in Love song and video are over-the-top vulgar and too crude for American culture.

“She puts out a new album with a video that glorifies having sex in the back of a limousine. Teenage girls look up to Beyoncé, particularly girls of color,” O’Reilly told Simmons. “Why on Earth would this woman do that? Why would she do it when she knows the devastation that unwanted pregnancies…and fractured families—why would Beyoncé do that?”

But let’s be clear: O’Reilly doesn’t care about the future of young black girls in America. He doesn’t care about uplifting a generation of black youth. O’Reilly does what O’Reilly does: he uses one controversial topic to denigrate African-Americans and turns most discussions about American culture into a monologue about race – and black folks in particular.

“Right now in the African American community 72 percent of babies are born out wedlock,” O’Reilly told Letterman. “Back when Motown was hot…it was 10 or 12 percent. So what we’re seeing then is a deleterious effect on American society. And all I’m saying to somebody like Beyoncé is, ‘Look, these girls love you. They idolize you. You have all the money you need. You are very talented, do some uplifting stuff. You’ll sell as many records.”

O’Reilly argued that Beyonce influences girls “who don’t have responsible parents.”

How does O’Reilly know these parents are not responsible? And is he saying that Beyonce’s videos are responsible for children born out of wedlock? These are wild, racially-charged comments with no basis in fact and another attempt by O’Reilly to disparage African-Americans.

I’ve seen the video and heard Drunk in Love and it is raunchy. No question about it. There’s no doubt that too many young black girls who idolize Beyonce don’t need to watch that video. It sends a bad message. I know black parents who were cringing watching Beyonce gyrate on stage during last month’s Grammy Awards performance.

“I did not appreciate seeing the opening act of a woman putting her naked butt in the camera lens, spreading her legs in front of the camera, behaving in a pornographic manner, then her husband Jay-Z comes on. They might well have had sex with one another on stage,” one parent wrote on “Where is the class? I want to ask Beyoncé if it’s OK if I stick my butt in her child’s face like she did mine?”

Otis Williams, the oldest living member of The Temptations, told reporters he didn’t approve of Beyonce’s Grammy performance.

“I watched Beyoncé at the Grammys and I have to say, I’m a huge Beyoncé fan, but what she did with Jay-Z, I thought, ‘No you ain’t, girlfriend’!” Williams said.

Another parent wrote: “This program aired at 7:00 PM and was filled with obscene dancing and language. My 16-year-old daughter was viewing the show with me and she had the good sense to say ‘this is totally inappropriate.'”

Beyonce’s performance was certainly not for prime-time family viewing, but I’m not going to embrace a lecture about sex, race and American culture from the likes of Bill O’Reilly.

What do you think?

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(Photo: AP)


56 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Beyonce Isn’t Bill O’Reilly’s Real Issue

  1. imani on said:

    Bey isn’t a role model.she’s an entertainer!news flash:an entertainer CAN be a role model but a role model is rarely an entertainer. The two are often exclusive of each other bc it’s a huge committment &based on an honest and open have to have a platform on which you base beliefs about morality &humanity…Beyonce has a STAGE…not a platform. And she wants to shake her a $$ on that stage !dont confuse the two! She promotes hypersexuality to her audience that ranges from age 4 and up..she isn’t trying to raise your kids for you.shes about music & expressing her artistry.if that means sex…she has a right!just like we have a right to not allow our children to listen to her music or watch videos !it’s about choices .Make one & stop whining about her!!

    • IanRousseault on said:

      She’s a GHETTO SLUT and TRAMP!!!! She is no artist at all, I don’t think her High School drop out ass could even spell Artist!!!! And if you’re letting a 4 year old listen to this drivel, you should be arrested and have your children removed from your home!

  2. candyapple on said:

    Black people in this country are why our test scores are so low, they have high drop out rates, high unemployment rates and the highest crime rates… what exactly do blacks bring to the collective table besides entertainment, really? You have a guy like Ben Carson who actually accomplished something in life and you turn your back and withhold support. This is why blacks will never, ever, ever, ever overcome anything, ever. You will remain marginalized because you are truly a stupid race, the dumbest on the planet…you’re only contribution is entertaining white people… that’s all your good for… and it won’t ever change because you collective IQs are the lowest of the low…. so you go ahead and make fun of O’reilly…. he won’t lose any sleep over it.

    • VirilisAfricanum on said:

      I’ve noticed that among the really good posts , there are also some fakers/trolls like you on this forum. However, they’re easy to spot. Their ultimate goal is to criticize, put down, attack, try to make people feel like victims and/or blame others for “our” issues. Nevertheless , they are easy to spot, look for the screen names that make reference that point to their ethnicity/ gender, check out the blatantly obvious misspelled words, intentionally poor grammar and syntax, and the constant references to their race and/or gender; off topic put downs and constantly agreeing with everything that demeans black people. Their feeling, or wanting to feel, or be, superior makes them believe that we’re so stupid we could never figure out who they are. Just continue ignoring their comments.

  3. Jackie on said:

    Beyonce who has made millions out of the pockets of the less fortunate, should never have put herself in such a position to have the likes of Bill O’rielly criticizing her. Her new album is a disgrace, Blue Ivy will be in Ivy League schools while the less fortunate who look up to her Mom, are trying to emulate the crass low life madness she is singing about. I implore upon The President of the United States and his wife to never invite her back to sing at the White House. She has a responsibility to carry herself like a young lady, especially after being invited to perform for our President. Leave the obscenities to the likes of Miley, Madonna, Rihanna, Nicky Minaj, and all the rest who have no shame to their game. Very disappointed in Beyonce, she will never get another dime from my hard earned money. JB

  4. October on said:

    I agree with some of the things you say Kay. My question is, what ever happened to class. Sing you songs, you have the right as an entertainer, but keep your bedroom between you and you husband. TMI

  5. The only thing I agree with somewhat is Bill’s opinion on irresponsible parents, no good parent would allow their kids to watch a video like that, but I completely disagree with this ‘lets blame the entertainers’ mentality that everyone has. If you don’t want your kids to watch something or listen to something then stop them. Now Bill is a hypocrite and a well known one at that and he has the right to speak his mind, that being said he tries to talk for everyone. The American public decides what is too much for American culture not one man if he has a problem with Beyonce’s music video then he can turn the channel just like everyone else. Bill is old enough to remember some of the outragous things entertainers both black and white have done in the past. O’reilly is just trying to make something out of nothing in my opinion.

    • Bosco Nomolos on said:

      The funny thing is that is the same thing said about all music (except gospel) originating from the Black community. Blues was the original depraved and immoral music. then of course the was Jazz ( the music of a drug culture). But the reality is that they coveted the music and white artist made their fortunes imitating Black artist. Why else would O’Reilly deride Beyonce while remaining mute on Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Shakira, Lady Gaga and other woman who acts are centered around their sexuality.

  6. VirilisAfricanum on said:

    Why are we acting surprised at O’Reilly’s feigned indignation? It’s to be expected from him; if you have ever watched some of his episodes. That’s not the REAL issue. The REAL issue is the fact that his comments rang TRUE. If it had come from Cornell West or better yet, Oprah, there might be some grumbling, but that would have been it. As people, we have abandoned our responsibility to check ourselves. We have become notorious at avoiding confrontation with one another, maybe for fear of being perceived as being judgmental. We won’t even confront a family member who maybe destroying the very community in which we live, through destructive activities. Some of “Us” lambasted Bill Cosby for speaking Truth, claiming he was airing our dirty laundry. His generation fought the Civil Rights battles, in hopes that we would be in a better position. Beyonce, Rihanna, and many of our entertainers sends mixed signals to young women regarding what being an empowered strong black woman really means. Sure the entertainment and sports industry have made these young people Millionaires, but that doesn’t compare to the Billions they’re making off of them. I say, IF Beyonce is such a great songstress, then let’s hear her sing, minus the raunchiness trying to pass as sexiness. Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, and many of the likes of May J, Blige are songstresses, WITHOUT all the explicit lyrics. But I guess REAL classy women is not where we are headed anymore. Understand that, beautiful gowns, expensive jewelry, hair, makeup, and sipping wine at fancy dinners, does not a classy black woman make; HINT – all those Real Hip Hop Basketball Atlanta Housewife shows.

  7. 06050412 on said:

    Does anybody still watch Dancing With the Stars. All those naked dancers can do is half way shake their butts and that’s all they do. As far as sex on TV. It’s a porn show on every night, but Bill O’Reilly doesn’t want to go up against those TV bosses.

  8. Angel. on said:

    So it’s okay for Miley Cirus Half naked on stage. .jerking and clapping what ass she doesn’t have..but if Beyonce gets up to do it..that leads to teen pregnancy???…but at one show Madonna had a flat out orgy on the stage. Wth?…

    • tewdeeq on said:

      Exactly. Wonder why O’Reilly has only picked out Beyonce to pick on? He just can’t seem to focus on any of the other Hollywood sluts? Just rant on a and on about Beyonce?!! He must be just a little bit jealous of Jay Z if he can’t notice any of the other sluts their in hollywood and what kind of role models they would be for anyone, not just young black girls.

  9. Amber on said:

    Blacks out of wedlock birth rates are higher because black women do NOT run to abortion hospitals to destroy their fetus like unweb white women. If the abortions issue is not discussed when talking about this issue, then the whole discussion is useless and bias.

  10. Amber on said:

    Bill does NOT like President Obama. President Obama is friends with JayZ and Beyonce who are often invited to the white house. That is why he is on Beyonce and Jayz case. Funny he does not talk about Eminem.

    • Bouncy and Joe Camel USED to be invited to the White House. But not so much since they shelled out millions to help Obama’s campaign. And especially not since the POTUS had to go on camera and set the record straight about not giving Jay Z permission to go to Cuba, after Jay Z intimated as such in a crap video. Yep. They used to be thick as thieves. I think Obama realized that if you lay with dogs, you get fleas.

  11. VBucGreen on said:

    White Folks are always criticizing black people as if we are the first ones to do anything and everything wrong in their eyes. There are white women pass and present that dance just as wild as Beyoncé. Blacks are accused of everything under the sun that White Folks have been doing for years.
    Bill O’Reilly needs to stay out of black folks business and get some business of his own.

    • Amber on said:

      So true. ANd what is just as bad is that some black folks fall for that mess as well. Look how some blacks will say ‘I do not deal with black women because of this or that” YET white women and white men will do the same mess and those blacks will still deal with whites.

  12. Miley Cyrus is a Saint. Little girls would never look up to her, Bill. I agree with NaturalBorn, talk about the Priests molesting little boys in your Church. However, it appears you have sex on the brain, talking and thinking about Beyonce too much. Stop lusting after her. Beyonce was married when she had her baby and it’s fine for a woman to be drunk-in love with her husband.

    • Yeah, it’s ok to be “drunk in love” with your hubby. But, how can I put this delicately? What the hell does that have to do with telling people about him ejaculating on you in the back seat of a cab? And why does she think that expressing her love for Ol’ Joe Camel has be done by way of telling the public about getting sucked and f**ked? People need to stop defending this sewer slime and just say they like listening and looking at raunch instead of talking about how she’s “dancing and singing for her husband”. If she were merely entertaining her husband, she could do that at home. What she’s doing is entertaining the hordes of horndogs who’s shelling out money for cds that wouldn’t leave the backseat of a 1959 Chevy without the image of her spreading her legs and dry humping the damned air. Hell Jay Z ain’t buying no damned cds. She’s not dancing for him. And there is a world of difference between professing love for someone and describing getting squirted on. It’s about making money, not love. People need to stop playin’.

  13. I think women in the music industry are starting to lose their soul. Reinventing is good but with class and not being all raunchy.

  14. kay M on said:

    Bill O’Reilly has proven repeatedly to be a racist (known fact), but I prefer to pick and choose my battles and I will never defend Beyoncé. I think it’s time for her to exit. The less coverage the better. Come on Black America Web! Too many other issues going on for us to entertain this topic. I’m out……..

    • Amber on said:

      WRONG. You can not deny one battle for another battle because soon folks will be on the “battle” that is important to you. This needs to be discussed but like anything else.

  15. americanize. on said:

    Bill o has the second bigist ego in America.trump has the first.this is white supremacy at its best.Remember bill went to a black restaurant an expected the patrons to be loud an obnoxious an cursing.when it did not happen,he was surprise.bills opinion or anyone at that fake news network,means nothing to me.A news network 4 the klan. GOD BLESS BLACK AMERICA.

  16. Bill O Reilly likes to take shots at black artist. He did the same thiong to michael jackson and Whitney Houston, trying to say that the Muslim world did not like America because of them. He has also taken shots at Hip Hop artist

    OReilly continues to take shots at Black teens having babies out of wedlock, but I have yet to hear him critize Bristol Palin.

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Now he and Lawrence Fishburne have some to commiserate about both of their daughters have displayed their “goodies” to the world.

  17. NaturalBorn on said:

    Isn’t Bill O Catholic? why doesn’t he work on all the molestation going on in the “Church”. One in 1000 boys were molested by priests during the Beatles era, now its One in 100, who do ya blame for that Bill O?? We need to fight back and stop letting fools like Bill O just direct his hate towards the black community on national TV Fight Back people !!!

  18. I think bill is protesting too much! He is obsessed with Beyonce; This man eats, sleeps and dreams about her. Bill sounds like the little girls on the play ground talking about the little boys that they like. BILL IS JEALOUS OF JAY Z; he wants Beyonce for himself. He’s covering his desires by the constant criticism.

  19. Cottman rightfully criticizes O’Reilly but then goes on to agree with O’Reilly’s observations about Beyonce. Such confusion!

  20. “ O doesn’t care about the future black girls” apparently many in the music industry don’t ether
    “O doesn’t care about uplifting a generation of black youth” and rap videos glorifying drinking,
    Going to jail, Capping the nigga, come here and s%ck my d*&k bitch, does?
    “O uses one controversy to denigrate AA’s” ever watch Murray (who’s the baby daddy) povitch show?
    “O turns most discussions about American culture into a monologue about race” sounds more like Al Sharpton

  21. atl_native on said:

    No one has mentioned the JAY-Z elephant. Bill Rielly has a problem with Jay-Z (a professed profitable ex drug dealer – never arrested not an ex-con) having a close relationship with the President. But I cringed and frantically searched for the remote while watching the Grammy’s with my 12 year old – I didn’t approve. But here’s a bigger question for Mr and Mrs Carter- Given the fact that you are best buds with the President of the United States of America – (okay so you did help rock the vote) – don’t you think you should tone it down until he’s out of the White House? Remember Jeremiah Wright? And let’s face it he was right – the truth hurts more when it comes from somebody you don’t like.

  22. Where’s Bill’s rant on Bristol Palin’s unwed teenage pregnancy. Speaking of having enough money…..O’Reilly has millions yet he continues to work. In short Bill just likes to hear his-self talk

  23. iann11 on said:

    I so agree with Bill O’Rielly on this issue, beyonce is a horrible role model for any young woman! She shows that you DON”T have to have real talent to be successful in the music industry. The ONLY reason this trick is where she is is because she’s a one trick pony, dress scantily, sing mediocrely, show your ass at every chance you get ,gyrate all over the stage and video’s so people will pay attention to that, and not the fact that you can’t really sing, and there you have it, a successful career built on the ignorance of people who HAVE NO idea what talent really is!!!! It’s funny and sad to me at the same time. You want to see REAL TALENT in young female singers today try: Keisha Cole, Chrisette Michele, Alicia Keyes, Heather Smalls, Heather Headley, Jennifer Hudson, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift. These are young Women who are TRUE TALENTED SINGERS!!!!!!

    • Amber on said:

      Oh please, give the girl her dues. She can sing. You just hatin because Beyonce is more famous. Anytime a black artist crossover and become bigger, some blacks want to act up. She can not be ONLY R & B. just like MJ, Beyonce want to be an all around entertainer. Bill is an idoit and have an agenda. Like I said, Bill did not talk about Eminem who raps about violence.

      • iann11 on said:

        If you think beyonce is talented, you are ignorant and know ABSOLUTELY nothing about music my dear. I suggest you try LISTENING to real singers, instead of shaking your bon bons to the music. Beyoncé is not talented and never will be talented. Women who are talented do not have to show their asses to be seen, their voices speaks for them. So try and get some education on what talent means, and then maybe you’ll have something to say!!!!!!

    • Amber on said:

      And you think Taylor Swift is more talented than Beyonce? YOu just lost creditablity with that statement. Clearly, you just do not like Beyonce for some other reason.

  24. Beyonce is a married woman I am sure she is drunk in love with her husband ! Their performance may have been to racy for the oscars Isnt that up to the producers or censors to determine ? if I had young children we would not be watching oscars together I am sure Beyonces fans know she is married and singing with her husband not running around naked on balls swinging in the air or kissing woman on national tv these things go on all the time o’reilly and the others have no problem with it !

    • @Pamela Jones…so that makes it right because she’s married. I say leave your personal life PRIVATE not for everyone to see or know like on National T.V. what you do in your bedroom.
      I am not a O’Reilly fan by far….BUT I agree with Bill’s comments regarding Beyonce. I will say over and over…this “overrated and no talented chick” will Never be a role-model to my eyes nor to my daughter (if I had one). Who and What made her a role model???? Again what is her talent (shaking her booty)?? Is this how she became famous?? Her latest CD is awful…Drunk in Love is the most dumbest song I’ve ever heard. The only radio stations that play her CRAP are the ‘black radio stations’ NOT the white radios. Thank GOD!!! “B” sounds hideous so-called singing and/or rapping the crap she’s singing/rapping (whatever the heck she supposed to be doing). There are so many black and “REAL” talented female artists that can really sing and don’t have to lip-sync and/or shake their booties BUT can still be SEXY (Ledisi, Chrisette Michelle, Goapele, Esperanza Spaulding, Angie Stone, Faith Evans, Jill Scott, Algebra, Hil St Soul…..I mean the list goes on). I’m just saying:o)

  25. Timekeeeper on said:

    Bill O’Reilly’s real problem with Beyonce and Jay-Z is that he cannot stand 2 young black people who have that much influence in America’s social and culture status. Im not saying that I am in agreement with everythng that they do or say. But when people of color do have some power of influence, it is bound to upset O’Reilly, as ell as the whole Fox News crowd. Plus, deep down, he probably wishes he could…… well, you know!

  26. Bosco Nomolos on said:

    Let’s look at this in another light. She is married and any sexual acts between Beyonce and Jay Z is consensual. O’Reilly talks about babies born out of wedlock where as he should emphasize that she was married before they had their child. Look at his comments for what they are a racist attack on another black celebrity. When Letterman asked O’Reilly about Miley Cyrus swinging but naked from a wrecking ball he feigned ignorance. White sexuality is viewed as good where as black sexuality is abhorrent.

    • Aint’ nothing good or sexual about that flat, flabby assed, unfortunate looking child wrapped around a wrecking ball. Just gross. So here you have at least one person who doesn’t think that way.

  27. Ivan Cohen on said:

    Who is Otis Williams, oldest living member of the Temptations to talk? Did Beyoncé do anything more with Jay-Z than what he did when Patti Labelle and him were supposedly an item back in the day? One would get that impression reading his biography. How about those Motown tours during the 60’s? Ain’t no way he acted like a saint, Otis Williams needs to sit his funky, musky rump down. As for another parent, what are the odds that you or your daughter going to write the network and the sponsors of the show and say they went too far and certain segments should have edited out. Uh-huh, I thought so …slim and none. And the person who did appreciate the “opening act” I trust was consistent and said similar things about Miley Cyrus’s “twerking.” Ditto the early videos of Madonna. Let us not forget Britany Spears. By the way some of those Country music videos are really “creative” nowadays. Bill O’ Reilly is a “real issue” unto himself. He just has not got the memo yet.

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