We’d all like to pretend we’ve got it all figured out. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy asks girl to be his girlfriend. But in all honesty, dating isn’t as easy as that. Somewhere in between boy likes girl and boy asks girl to be his girlfriend, something gets in the way for many of us. While not everyone is out for the ring, many of us simply want to start with the title…at least. And if you’re like me, then you need help getting there.

I often find myself on a perpetual first date. I can meet ridiculously handsome men by batting my eyelashes, but getting that beautiful man to commit to me is a feat I often fail. So I reached out to TheDatingCouncil.com and asked coaches and relationship experts, Jodie & Diane Fanelli to help me figure it out and they gave me a list of simple do’s and don’ts of dating with the intention of landing your man. You’re welcome.

1. Exude confidence! Inside you may feel you need to lose 10lbs, but he/she doesn’t need to hear it!

2. Be a lady. It’s fine to be the kind of gal that could hang with the guys. But skip joining in on that belching contest on that first date.

3. Mind your manners at all times and with all persons you encounter on the date. Your date will be noting how you interact with everyone -from coat check to car ride!

4. Don’t drink too much! Nobody looks good with half open eyes and slurring their words.

5. Show him you care! Put some effort into your appearance/outfit. Ladies–Wear you hair down and styled. Put a fresh coat of nail polish on your nails. Men–Pay a visit to the barber.

6. Don’t reveal too much about yourself or your past relationships. Keep things upbeat and fun! There is always time later on in the relationship to discuss these things. Remember: It’s a marathon…not a sprint.

7. Be honest. Again, this doesn’t mean sharing all your deepest darkest secrets. But it is only fair that your date should know the basics–such as age, marital status and kids.

8. Come prepared with topics. Get in the habit of keeping up with current events by reading the paper daily or other news source. Keep cultivating your interests and maybe take a class.

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