After it appeared that 12 Years A Slave was going to be shut out of every single award it was nominated for tonight Black Twitter started to go in over not only the seemingly impending shut out of 12 Years A Slave but Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom as well.  Take a look at some of the tweets that we found below.

You get the point! We do want to point out that there were also plenty of upset tweeters that were not African American….and we feel that needs to be addressed as well. But the consensus seemed to be that winning Best Film was not enough.

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the Academy Awards have to say…we’re hoping if nothing else it’s at least more balanced…to say the least.


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2 thoughts on “Black Twitter Reacts To The Golden Globe Awards [TWEETS]

  1. Here’s what pisses me off with us, did you actually think a black movie would win the Golden Globe? These awards shows only cater to white folks which is how we got The “Soul Train” awards. Another thing that pisses me off with us, you will spend money for their(white folks) movies but you buy black ones black market then you don’t understand why we don’t win. Money talks!!! As long as yall(I won’t do it) buy black market, black movies WILL NEVER reap the same benefits as white movies.

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