Who wears naked white girls as art?

If you think the question is weird, here’s the answer: It’s a black man named Nate Hill, a performance artist from Brooklyn, New York.

So you’re probably asking: “What the hell?”

Well, we are, too.

But it’s true. Hill, 36, has created a controversial project he calls “Trophy Scarves,” where he drapes naked white women over his shoulders and photographs his “scarves” for his emerging following.

Hill explains that his “Trophy Scarves” project is a satire on interracial dating.

“There are people who see certain races as status symbols, and someone had to comment on that,” Hill to Vice.

So is Hill’s work a serious creative commentary on race relations in America, or a thinly-veiled attempt to press-up on white girls?

We’re still not totally clear about how draping naked white women over a black man’s shoulders is a keen observation about interracial dating. It sounds like Hill is getting his freak on and playing it off as art.

And it seems to be working: Hill’s work has become so popular that white women actually ask Hill to come to their homes so they can be used as “Trophy Scarves” and participate in his art project.

Did I mention that Hill is married?

Oh, yeah. Is she falling for the okie-doke? Here’s what Hill told Vice when asked about The Mrs.:

How does your wife respond to your art?

“That’s another thing I’ve had to just let go of: Worrying that she’s not into it, or happy with it. I just have to remember that it’s not her art.  It’s not her life. She has her own stuff going on, her own job, her own hobbies… But how does she feel about it? She tolerates it.”

Do you talk about it to her?

“Sometimes. But I don’t have any expectations. We used to battle about it, like why she liked them, why didn’t she like them, that she should like them, and so on… I blocked her on Twitter, so she can’t see what I’m doing. She just followed me on Instagram, so I’m probably going to block her on there too.”

Hill says he is interested in exploring race issues, like another wacky project called “White Powder Milk,” Hill’s website that offers customers milk gargled by pretty, college-educated white girls.

What’s the future of “Trophy Scarves”?

“I’m just going to do this as hard as I can for a couple of months, until the next year, and see what happens,” Hill told Vice. “I don’t know how many is enough. I think maybe like 100 trophy scarves. And then after 100, maybe go to 200. It’s like my friend said: “There’s never going to be enough trophy scarves. There’s always going to be one more trophy scarf.”

So is Hill a brilliant performance artist who is enlightening folks about interracial dating, or just a strange brother who is attracted to white women?

And would you let your husband wear naked white women as part of his performance art project?

What do you think?

We’re still asking: “What the hell?!”

(Photo: Instagram)

17 thoughts on “Art or Just Freaky? Black Man Wears Naked White Women as ‘Trophy Scarves’

  1. This website is getting more and more like Mediatakeout and Bossip by the day. Why cant Farrakhans Economic Blueprint be mentioned but this is news? The Minister is fighting to unite us and black media is dividing us.

  2. qualitee95 on said:

    Black women are not sweating self-hating black men, who choose to degrade us as justification for dating white women. Good Riddance.

  3. Mac Ben on said:

    only ghetto black chicks get mad when bruhs mess with snows…lmao; get over it and step yo game up and stop tryn to be “strong” and “queens” and just be a (modern) woman! Another thing: lose the bogus weaves, contacts and stank-ass attitudes and maybe somebody will consider you a trophy rather than a baby mama.

    • Wildflower on said:

      The only thing black women need to give up is punk b*#@^ az weak niggas like you. Yeah there is still a need for the “n” word for ignorant motha’s like yourself. Black women need to continue to be strong because without their strength there would be none in the black community. Black men gave there balls to the white man years ago and is satisfied with the table straps thrown to them. Black men just run around like stray dogs now eating out the trash. Taking the white mans sloppy seconds. Bitches they they even want. That’s what men like you consider queens.

      Now had I been one like yourself that bought into the stereo types and a self hater I’d believe in the things I wrote above about all black men but I don’t. However I question whether you’re even a black man at all. So many wigger wannabes on this site. Regardless who you are black women don’t buy into this BS. There are real men out there that would love and appreciate your strength and know that you are a “QUEEN”. I’m living proof. And as sad as it may be especially if you love the black man the way I do, your knight in shining armor may not come in the shade you’d prefer. I’m living proof.

      • Wildflower on said:

        And before you can tell a black women about her flaws fix you own! Stop running around here killing one another over bullshit.

    • I personally Do not care what you do with white women. But when you start down grading All black women, putting us all in the same categories. That let’s me know that you are a weak brother who hates himself. And you’re not aware of the self hate that you put out. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Stop being stupid. Really!

    • Serpentine on said:

      Jiggster, as “I said it” calls you…when you post a comment, black people are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. Had this article been about a black man with black women doing this, you would have had a field day with your everyday negative comments. But since it involves a black man with white women, your comment is that the black man is kicking black women to the curb.

      Let me enlighten you. First of all you need to get out of your neighborhood, and try to see past that one street town you probably live in because all people are not the same. Leave that “one size fit’s all, BS at the door. It’s a shame you see the world as you do, but you probably can’t help it. There is no need for you to concern yourseslf with the black woman’s well-being, we’re just fine without this fool. I don’t think there are too many black women crying because they didn’t have the opportunity to be part of this stupidity. If this guy can find women, any woman, to hang around his neck, (as stupid as it sounds and is), more power to him.
      We, black women, or any woman with common sense, have better things to do, than to promote this craziness.

  4. I said it. on said:

    Art? When did posting with a skank around your neck become art? This is more like a desperate attempt using cheap controversy, cheap women, and a tired plot to become relevant.

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