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The long departed but much beloved Showtime series “Soul Food” that took up where the movie left off with a new cast ran for five seasons, the only Black drama on broadcast television to ever do so. Boris Kodjoe, Malinda Williams, Nicole Ari Parker, Rockmund Dunbar, and Darrin Henson, who played Lem, have all moved on to other things, but the characters they played on the show about a Black Chicago family are truly missed. (You can find all five seasons on DVD here. ) Henson, who started out as a dancer/choreographer, continued acting but for folks on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage, he’s the fitness guru who provides morning classes to the revelers on the ship. Surprisingly, despite the late-night partying, his classes are packed. He’s back this year, so bring your sneakers and workout outfits onboard with you.

“We had the boat rockin,” Henson told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “One person thought it was the waves hitting us, but it was us, downstairs. It was only supposed to be an hour, but it was two hours. We had so much fun,” Henson says. He’ll be hosting classes again during the cruise, and to keep it up at home, you can always buy Henson’s “Get Fit, Stay Fit,” DVD to keep going. In fact, Henson began a 30 day fitness challenge on the cruise, which cruisegoers continued even once they got back home.

“There were people who lost 15, 20 and 30 pounds. I asked the people who lost 15 or 20 what they did and they said they didn’t do [the DVD] every day. Those people who did the DVD at least once  a day lost 30 pounds. We followed them afterward and posted their testimonials on Facebook and Twitter and those people who did the DVD at least once a day lost 30 pounds. The success rate is actually 100% for those who did it every day. The wonderful thing is If you only lost 15, you can put it in again and start it again and lose those 15  more pounds. We’re asking people who’ll be at 2014 to do the same. You have 30 days before, 30 days after – you can do it for 60 days and it will be the same benefit.”

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