2014 Fantastic Voyage

The Tom Joyner Morning Show crew is sailing April 11-19 and J. Anthony Brown wants you to know you can still purchase your ticket for the biggest party with a purpose! For information about booking a trip on the 2015 Fantastic Voyage visit HERE. For iPhone users:

Do you want a quick and delicious AWARD WINNING recipe from a famous chef? Try out Chef Ken Patrick‘s Southwestern Grilled Shrimp and Spicy Cheese Grits recipe. Did we mention Chef Ken beat out a panel of other celebrity chefs with this recipe on the 2014 Fantastic Voyage? So you know it must be good! […]

Day 5 has proven that my body really does know how to run on fumes. I think I’ve attended just about every single event on the 2014 Fantastic Voyage.  Yesterday was the second full day being at sea for over 24 hours.   It wasn’t bad for me this time around and judging from the motion […]

Water and perm don’t mix. Just ask Katt Williams. Find out what happened when a cruiser asked if he’d like a towel to cover his perm. Hold on to your seat!

If I could describe day four in one word, then it would be: magnificent! When I awoke that morning, I knew my panel discussion on “How to Build A Business” would take place at noon, but I felt sort of unprepared. Not in a bad way, but typically if I over think what I would […]

Media personality A.J. Calloway is just one of the many celebrities on the 2014 Fantastic Voyage! Calloway has taken in every event from the Robin Thicke concert to the Heads of State performance starring Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill. Luckily, Calloway has had his phone ready and we can get an up close […]

Day 3 of the Fantastic Voyage 14 was officially my day of rest. A couple of naps yesterday were something I desperately needed after partying for two days straight. Day three was also the “Day At Sea”, so that means this boat has been rocking for over 24 hours and needless to say, if you […]

03/19/14-Guess who was crowned the new King of the Bobby Brown Bar on the 2014 Fantastic Voyage?

Day two of the Fantastic Voyage 2014 was simply amazing! In the two days on this cruise, I’ve experienced what most would typically take entire week maybe even two weeks to achieve. My morning started with working out with Darren Henson. And since it isn’t often that I get to work out with a fitness […]

03/17/14- Seems that way. The Fantastic Voyage crew is having a good time in Miami but they’ve been waiting on the arrival of Robin Thicke. Is the soulful crooner operating on CP time? We think so.

03/17/14- It’s day one of the 2014 Fantastic Voyage and Tom, Sybil and J are getting ready to set sail, but not before they make a stop at the infamous Bobby Brown Bar. Who’s going to be the drunkest guest? The loudest? This is where all the fun begins.