Age ain’t nothing but a number and that includes those who are trying to get in shape. Fitness trainer to the Obamas, Cornell McClellan says you can start from where you are and go from there. If you’ve seen the viral video of a morbidly obese man working out at high intensity or the video […]

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2017 went by in a flash. The one remaining constant in 2018 is that social media is here to stay. How we connect, function, move, interact and socialize is dominated by our cell phones. My epiphany last year is that social media had me craving more real-life social settings. Now that 2017 is behind us, […]

If you’ve watched TV’s “The Biggest Loser”, you’ve no doubt gotten a glimpse of supremely fit trainer Dolvett Quince. Quince, who mixes drill sergeant techniques and compassion while working with contestants, learned from experience that people who are eager to lose weight don’t necessarily want to feel deprived while doing it and that insisting otherwise […]

The long departed but much beloved Showtime series “Soul Food” that took up where the movie left off with a new cast ran for five seasons, the only Black drama on broadcast television to ever do so. Boris Kodjoe, Malinda Williams, Nicole Ari Parker, Rockmund Dunbar, and Darrin Henson, who played Lem, have all moved […]