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You Think It’s Your Personal Mirror

As much as you love to see yourself, Facebook is not a mirror. For every selfie or profile picture you take, there are 37 people who don’t “like” it simply because it’s obvious you think you’re the best looking thing in cyberspace.

Keep in mind; your FB friends may legitimately care that your kid is in the hospital and they may even be interested in all the news stories you link to. They are not, however, as delighted with your 3-pictures-of-you-a-day-smiling-the-same-smile as you think they are. For this reason alone, Facebook should also include a “dislike” button. A sort of discouragement for those folks who have no idea what type of pressure they put on people when they turn FB into their personal dressing room mirror.

Meanwhile, a million girls with low self-esteem post more pictures of themselves doing nothing at all than they do of their own children being constructive and productive. The selfie craze is out of control, and if you’re one of the reasons that this is so, I hope you drop your phone and shatter the screen. Especially if you’re a professional duckfacer.

Katt Williams Selfies Meme


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One thought on “6 Reasons You May Need To Delete Your Facebook Account

  1. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Lol! Koool! I have to say I hate facebook, but right now it’s the only way to reach a lot of people at once! But I’m giving it up again because the only one who seems to make money with FB is zukerberg! I haven’t made a cent trying to advertise on FB! It’s nothing but a serious waste of time!

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