Keep It Positive MemeYou Post Positive Messages And Get Ignored

Too many happy-go-lucky statuses are a turn-off and – contrary to popular belief – the internet hates positivity.

When you first joined FB, all your friends, new and old, loved your uplifting dialog, but now it’s become mundane and annoying to them. That’s why you only get “likes” from people you don’t even converse with. The “stay positive” vibe has run it’s course and it may be time to consider a new platform, like real world interaction.

See, what happened is that most of those people know you in real life and rather than call your bluff, they just ignore you now. Few things in life are sadder than some lonely troll typing 200 words about how good life has been to them only to get 3 comments and ZERO likes. If you don’t want to cancel your account, I suggest you at least adopt an alias to camouflage your overzealous optimism.

Girl Crying and Being a Hater

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One thought on “6 Reasons You May Need To Delete Your Facebook Account

  1. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Lol! Koool! I have to say I hate facebook, but right now it’s the only way to reach a lot of people at once! But I’m giving it up again because the only one who seems to make money with FB is zukerberg! I haven’t made a cent trying to advertise on FB! It’s nothing but a serious waste of time!

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