Cinderella with Beyonce music? Count us in. That is the genius idea behind “Cinderonce,” a cleverly done take on the Cinderella story told completely with Beyonce songs. Who knew that Beyonce’s music lent itself perfectly to the classic fairy tale?

Nope,  we had no idea either but we have a feeling Broadway producers will see the genius of this retelling and reach out to it’s creator, Todrick Hall before you can say “Open Sesame.” Ooops wrong fairy tale, but you know what I’m saying. This might be the best retelling of a classic since “The Wiz.”

Check it out. And watch it go viral in 3…2…1…

We wonder what B thinks of all this because we dare say, she couldn’t have done it any better. Show your appreciation to creator Todrick Hall via Twitter.  



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