So much for the over-hyped notion of a post-racial America: It’s open season on black men.

Black America took an emotional gut punch Saturday night after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of racially profiling unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and then gunning him down on a rainy street on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, Florida.

The jury’s mind-numbing verdict sends a clear message to America that the life of a black male teenager means absolutely nothing. Moreover, the judgment will forever change the discussion of race in this republic and further polarize Americans along racial lines even though President Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president, occupies the White House.

“The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy,” Obama said in a statement Sunday. “Not just for his family, or for any one community, but for America. I know this case has elicited strong passions. And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher. But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken. I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son.”

“We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities,” Obama said, weighing into the thorny issue of race. “We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis. We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.”

The president makes perfect sense, but as an African American man, I find this verdict particularly disturbing because every black man in America is a potential Trayvon Martin. In addition, the legitimate issue of racial profiling was summarily dismissed by jurors once they allowed Zimmerman to walk out of the courtroom.

What exactly was this jury’s message to black men? What are jurors telling my friend in Chicago who is raising three black boys? Or a mother of two black boys in St. Louis who told me she is “utterly horrified” by the verdict.

By acquitting Zimmerman of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges, the all-female jury of five whites and one Hispanic set a dangerous precedent by giving neighborhood watch captains and would-be cops the legal authority to stalk unarmed black men — and shoot them without fear of being jailed for using deadly force.

It means that some overzealous gun owners will undoubtedly use this verdict to justify profiling black men because they look suspicious, perhaps defy police orders to stand down, as Zimmerman did, shoot — even if black men are not carrying weapons — and then claim self-defense.

“Every American ought to be afraid that my child can do nothing wrong and can be killed,” Rev. Al Sharpton said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

While many black Americans are expressing shock and disbelief over the Zimmerman verdict, I, too, am outraged — but I’m not surprised.

And that’s a shame.

Sadly, Trayvon Martin’s family never had a chance to seek justice for their son once this jury was empaneled. During jury selection, I watched carefully while Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s attorney, skillfully found ways to dismiss any potential black jurors. He knew that stacking the jury with as many whites as possible may guarantee an acquittal for his client.

This was clearly not a jury of Trayvon Martin’s peers. There were no African Americans or men on the jury. There were no people on the jury who understood or cared about racial profiling or the challenges black men face just by walking through the streets of America.

There was no one on the jury who had the life experiences of a black man in America so how could anyone expect this jury to sympathize with Travyon Martin?

It’s no secret that black Americans have always been distrustful of the nation’s racially skewed judicial system and Saturday’s verdict only confirms that justice for black people is often elusive, like sand slipping through fingers.

“Our kids are still defined by the color of their skin,” Sybrina Martin told me in April.

In the months ahead, I’m concerned for the safety of young black men while, regrettably, watching history repeat itself: First there was Emmitt Till, who was murdered in 1955 at the age of 14 by white men who claimed Till was flirting with a white girl. Then, Medgar Evers, a civil rights activist, was murdered in 1963 by a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

And now, Trayvon Martin.

The sad truth is that black men are no strangers to racial profiling. Almost all of my black male friends have been racially profiled at some point during the lives – and that includes me.

It happened again earlier this summer while I was visiting family in Sacramento, California and taking a morning walk around their neighborhood.

I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, a cap, and listening to music on my iPod. It was about 8 a.m. and sunny and I noticed a van following me. A white man was behind the wheel and he continued to stare as he pulled alongside me.

I didn’t think about it initially until the van made a U-turn and slowly followed me from a quarter-mile back. When I walked faster, he sped up. When I slowed down, he dropped back. He continued to trail me as I walked around the block three times. He backed off only after he watched me walk into my aunt’s house.

I cover the White House, I’m a radio commentator on national radio, I’ve interviewed Obama twice face-to-face, and I’m a father, but the white man who followed me in Sacramento only saw me as a suspicious black man, perhaps a suspect, and possibly up to no good.

A friend asked me if I plan to see the movie “Fruitvale Station,” which opens later this month. It’s the true story of a 22-year-old unarmed black man from Oakland who was shot and killed by police.

I will definitely see “Fruitvale Station,” but not today. I’m still pondering the true meaning of justice.

Michael H. Cottman, a Senior Correspondent for, covers the White House. He also serves as a political analyst and co-host for “Keeping It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton,” a daily national radio show.

(Photo: Courtesy of Martin Family)

64 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Zimmerman Acquittal Says It’s Open Season on Black Males

  1. pmoney on said:

    Why is this concept so difficult for you. The prosecution did not attempt to convict based on racial profiling. The strategy backfired. Had the state charged to convict based strictly on racial profiling the jury would have had a chance to convict on that premise. The jury never had that opportunity. Do you homework.

  2. So despite the statistics which show that 85 percent of interracial crimes are committed by blacks against whites it is open season on blacks?

  3. A Question Was Raised “What Do We Tell Our Black Boys?” And Here Are My 6 Answer #1 Working Twice As Hard To Get A Same Result As Others Is Assinine #2 We Will Preserve & Protect Their Rite To Be Wrong While Growing Up #3 What The Laws Won’t Protect Them From Our Love Will #4 Never Give Up On 99% Of A Person’s Purpose Because Of 1% Of Their Problem #5 Pick Your Battles & Choose Your Wars #6 Racist Is The Only Sport That Don’t Have A Winner…

  4. Wadsworth on said:

    We’re so focused on the stand your ground law that we’re giving a pass to the five white and one two- taco juries that signed off and endorsed this racist display. Nothing is more revealing than the remarks by the racist asshole known as juror B-37. She clearly identical with Zimmerman. Not onle is he George to her, but she blames TM for his own death. She just overlooks the fact that a young 17 year old was stalked, beat, and shot by this racist. Apparently travon Martin did not have the right to stand his ground. The jury was even more racist than Zimmerman.

  5. joey on said:

    all white folks every understood was violence, that is how they kept us in line back in slavery times

    was to commit an violent act ,, they never understood anything but violence. they created it,,

    they started the N-word it did not come from any black people. it came from our slave master’s

    please christopher columbus was a murderer this violence against people of color this just did not start in 2013. Its been going on from the beginning.

  6. joey on said:

    @ jancorey please do not communicate with me. I do not want to continue to speak on anything with you. you can make comments and Rants and raves/ all you want. I have a life I’m busy so good luck to you. I’m not interested.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Joey, it seems the facts of this case are still confusing and scaring you somewhat. Don’t fear, your worries can be overcome by doing some research that verifies everything I have ever posted is 100% accurate. I only respond to others who have questions and concerns like you do, and I hope the information I provide helps you to fill in some of the blank spots in your current understanding of this case. Follow your doctors directions and maybe print out some of your comments you have made here and bring them with you to your next appointment with your Psychiatrists. Good luck to you in your recovery.

      • joey on said:

        Please stop I do not have any comment. Please leave me alone. I do not need you harassing me.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Joey, I have never harassed anyone contrary to your last rant. Your mental illness is apparent and perhaps you should be discussing your problems with your Psychiatrists and not here on this site. Why you have such a problem with the acquittal of George Zimmerman and why you lash out against others with your racist and vengeful hate-speech is something no one here can help you with. Again, that is an issue I would suggest you discuss with your mental health professionals and not here. If you have a question regarding this case, by all means ask. But, your mental challenges are not an issue for this blog or any other blog you troll, imo. Good luck to you in your recovery, God speed.

  7. Leonidas on said:

    One question…why are black americans soooo insecure? It must be this generation, driven by weak minded black leaders. I remember when I was in the Marines in vietnam over half my unit were black americans…strong, focused and disciplined. What has happened to this generation…insecure, weak and lacking personal discipline. It makes me sad.

  8. It’s been open season on black males for a very long time. And it has nothing to do with the GZ shooting TM. Blacks kill other blacks at much higher rate than any other race of people kill blacks. You are absolutely correct. It is open season on black males. And the season was declared by black males.

  9. JanCorey on said:

    Joey, contrary to your rant, I do have respect from people that are well-educated and well-informed to the facts of this case so when you attack, one just has to just consider your perspective at being wrong. Noone can demand you educate yourself to the facts and to not attack others simply because they are better-informed than yourself. Your approach is simply jealousy, it must be difficult to be in your position like that. Sad, imo.

    • joey on said:

      I’m not jealous of you ,, and I have never been jealous of anyone,, plus who says you are informed

      because your not!!,,, so say whatever your little rant/raves you do,,, because trust me you cannot and will never be able to inform me about anything. so leave me alone, and move on,, I have no interest in communicating with you…

      • JanCorey on said:

        Joey, clearly you are still jealous of me and jealous of every other well-educated person that has destroyed the basis of your troll-like perspective on this case. No well-educated-commentor is here to help you with your clear and apparent psychosis, we are simply relaying facts that have been involved in this case and why the acquittal of George Zimmerman was the right thing to do since Justice was being sought and finally obtained. Clearly you still have some desires for more direct-conversations, but may I suggest that you not attack people with your racist attacks against others and simply be polite and I am sure there are people here willing to help you in your hours of need. Good luck to you and everyone please keep Joey in your prayers so that he can get some relief from the demons scrambling around in his head. God speed Joey.

      • joey on said:

        WHO SAYS YOUR EDUCATED AND WHO SAYS YOUR WELL INFORMED PLEASE STOP I’M NOT THE ONE.. get yourself a life and move on… I do not have time for you. please who is jealous you are completely delusional if you think your educated… Please just because you can write and read does not mean your educated. please do not comment it does not make a difference to me…

      • JanCorey on said:

        Joey, again, your trolling is apparent and I am willing to help you to learn about the truth and the facts of this case, but not willing to address your mental psychosis issues. Take your meds as directed by your doctors and if you still have questions you are seeking some information about regarding this case, please ask. But, your mental health struggles that you have are not able to be addressed in such a setting as this blog. Best wishes for you in your recovery and may I suggest you remove all weapons and metal objects from your immediate surroundings. God speed.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Joey, the newest thing I am reading about is the Justice-forTrayvon efforts and I personally believe that Justice-forTrayvon has already been accomplished and is done after Trayvon was shot dead after he attacked a victim while being high on dope and armed with a metal can in his hoodie and using a cement walkway to bash a victim‘s head against the cement until possible harm or death to the victim. Justice is complete for Trayvon, he’s dead and buried. Anyone who disagrees, go to your nearest cement sidewalk and strike your own head against the cement hard enough to cause injury and let us know how many strikes you can endure before you believe that exercise is simply not right or hurtful. Go ahead, get to it!

  10. Katie on said:

    The verdict had nothing to do with color, the verdict had nothing to do with anything other than the fact there was not enough evidence to convict Mr. Zimmerman of breaking the law as it stands. Don’t waste your time protesting the verdict… spend your time in changing the law!

    • joey on said:

      @ katie I do agree LIKE Dick Gregory says lets not get emotional,,lets think” and try to get this law changed. @ Jancorey you do not Have the correct information,, You are just talking about something you know nothing about,, GET YOUR LIFE TOGEHTER,,, and Remember that your education is not very large. your not informative at all,,,

    • joey on said:

      @ Katie i agree with you there is nothing we can do with this verdict its over, and frankly its getting tired of all of it,,

      Plus we need to make sure that the stand your ground law, needs to be look over and changed

      I wonder who even put that on a petition to be voted must have took a poll of all white men,,

      I’m glad We do not have a stand your ground law in my state. we just have to stop being emotional

      and start thinking and making some serious changes,, I’m glad stevie wonder will not be playing in the state of florida until this law is abolished. that is a start…

  11. Jiggy5 on said:

    Where is the outcry for the life that Rachael Jeantel has chosen to waste. What a sad pathetic excuse for a black woman.

  12. Mothernature on said:

    How can we ask of others what we will not do ourselves for our own community. We treat each other as if we don’t have any rights as human beings. This is a regular daily interaction in our own communities. NO RESPECT for your brotha or sistah. I thank my ancestors that shed their blood so I can have some opportunities and to be able to dream. My heart goes out to the Martin family….

    • JanCorey on said:

      Mothernature, you said that so eloquently and I appreciate your positive attitude more than you know. Your comment was refreshing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • joey on said:

      @ mothernature and Jewelthief, Has anyone noticed that symbol of that Big Black man symbol on Jancorey website,,

      I wonder if anyone noticed, that it looks very demonic… Jancorey is someone that we do need to debate with. what a waste of time.

  13. DTurner on said:

    The killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman is morally and ethically wrong and although the jury found otherwise, it is still legally wrong. But isn’t the killing of Dante by Jacquan just as morally, ethically, and legally wrong? Black people need to wake up and admit to their own racists attitudes and behaviors. How many times do we see young Black males killing their peers and when the cops show up, no one in the neighborhood has seen or heard a thing, even when the streets are crowded with people? I find this case quite ironic as those same Blacks who don’t see or hear anything criminally wrong in their communities are outraged by what happened in Sanford, FL, for which they neither personally saw nor heard anything. Yes, this case was polarized by race, but it goes both ways. What my own people are saying is that we can kill our own but others can’t. I have a 23 year old son and he and his friends have said that they are more afraid of their peers on a Friday or Saturday night at any given club across the country than they are of the likes of George Zimmerman. Yes, we need a movement in this country but it needs to be a movement in our own homes and in our own communities! How can we clean up someone else’s house without first cleaning up our own? It is not open season on Black males in this country by other races of people. That war was started long ago by our own sons and daughters. Wake up Black people and stop the misaligned racism against others when the crimes we commit against one another far outnumber the unjustified crime committed by George Zimmerman. From a Black Mom or reason.

    • majestic on said:

      I think you are missing the point, this young boy went to 7-11 to get a tea and some skittles minding his own business while being confronted by George Zimmerman besides he was using undertones such as “they always get away” although, he didn’t say black people It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know he was talking about “these black people always get away” so you tell me where the justice is?

      • majestic: I’m curious…..did you actually read DTurner’s comments? He didn’t miss the point by any stretch of the imagination. I agree with what he’s saying. My take on what he’s saying is that YES we should definitely be outraged about Trayvon’s death; but that we should also be JUST AS OUTRAGED about the crime, and killings that go on in black neighborhoods each, and every day in every major city across this country. Wake up, and pay attention people

    • Lsimmo on said:

      DTurner you have stated the most intelligent comment on this forum and all the others I have read combined. I am more scared of my OWN people shooting me for no reason than any white or other race attempting to do it. Sadly, it is a shame to feel this way…

    • “Misaligned racism”??? Just what does that mean!?! I am so sick and tired of black folks like you lecturing us about being outraged about black-on-black crime. Black people have long decried this. Just because it does not make national news or just because you don’t hear about it, does not mean that we’ve been completely and utterly silent about it. There are plenty of local organizations that do their best to address a number of problems within our community. (For example, I seem to recall several community leaders facilitating truces between gangs in their communities.) Additionally, we’ve talked and talked and talked about black-on-black crime and other ills within our community for years. And what is there to protest anyway? This problem has nothing to do with the law or judicial system. It has every bit to do with socio-economic status.

      As far as not seeing or hearing anything when crimes are committed, that is true. But what is also true is that people a day or two later call the police anonymously with tips. Also some of us who live in predominatly black communities, such as I, have no qualms calling the police about anything. I’ve called several times myself. So it’s utter BS to say that we are somehow ok with killing our own. Furthermore, you know damn well our history with the police. You also know damn well that many of us don’t trust them. In times past, they hardly ever served and protected our neighborhoods. At times they ignored us, harassed us and raped our women. It’s just plain ludicrous to expect ALL of us to forget the past and trust the police.

      As for your son’s fear of his peers, why? I find myself fearing a black man coming towards me. At some point your son needs to do like me – take a look in the mirror and do some introspection. I often ask myself why am I afraid? Why would I assume that a black man is more apt to harm me than a white man? Whites commit heinous crimes too, but I don’t think about that when I see a white man. Why? Because, sadly, I’ve bought into the white stereotype of our men. Now, if this is what you’re calling “misaligned racism,” it certainly is.

      Finally, why do we feel compelled to always address what goes on in our community to others? I don’t see white people rushing to address problems within their community. White-on-white crime happens, but I don’t see them posting in blogs/sites telling their people “they are ok with killing their own.” (I don’t give a damn about the rate of murders. The fact is they happen.) They certainly aren’t expressing outrage over the fact that more white men commit mass murders than blacks. It doesn’t appear to be a problem to be solved for them either. Additionally, they have a history of brutality, violence and savagery, and I certainly don’t hear them making any apologies for it. (In fact, they tell us to get over it.) Yet, we’re always asked to look at ourselves and made to feel shame about our community and our ills and that troubles me much.

  14. Yolanda on said:

    What about Trayvon Martin’s right to stand his ground, wasn’t Zimmerman told NOT to pursue him? Don’t we all teach our kids that if a stranger is following them to run, get help or fight to get away? So now what do we tell our kids, let a creepy guy follow you, accoust you and you do nothing because your screwed by any outcome?

    Futhermore, so many people are upset and in disbelief over the verdict and the Florida law that allowed it and wonder “what we as a people can do to show that we want justice without being violent towards one another?” I say we boycott Florida. Yes it’s a beautiful place to vacation, I myself visit at least once a year myself, supposed to go for xmas, but I’ll never feel safe taking my boys there again knowing their rights to walk around could be so easily violated. I propose that we boycott Florida to show our disgust for their justice system. If only for a week, a month or indefinitely. Tourism (and the weather) is what makes Florida the place that it is; they pay no taxes due to increased tourism, if their economy is affected by thier laws, maybe, just maybe they will consider changing it.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Yolanda, when Trayvon Martin violated the Law when he attacked George Zimmerman, he gave up all legal rights to standing your ground and the fact he was high on illegal dope at the time also creates an obstacle for him. Experts have said that if Trayvon had lived after he attacked George Zimmerman, he would have been charged with several felony crimes. Trayvon was destined only for a life in prison so I don’t see any loss with him being dealt with legally.

  15. jeff on said:

    Open season on white women and waiters? OJ
    Open season on white truck drivers (LA four)

    If its open season, it appears that most of the “hunters” are black.

  16. I was at a service station yesterday, and 4 young people (probably in their 20s….2 Latinos, and 2 whites) were in a very heated/passionate discussion about Zimmerman’s acquittal. They were adamant that justice wasn’t service, and that Zimmerman should have been charged with some type of violation. My point is that we need to keep in mind that all white people aren’t prejudice, and that generally speaking the younger generation is of a different mindset than a lot of older white people.

  17. majestic on said:

    Racial Profiling in America has been going on long before my mom was alive and will continue to do so when I’m dead and gone. I respect the jury decision so therefore we all should move forward and honor Trayvon by changing the laws and even though It won’t stop racial profiling It will teach people who do profiling It won’t be tolerated.

  18. S.Howard on said:

    An all white Jury is unconstitutional. They didn’t have any African Americans on are the Jury because they know they would have lost.Let’s put a stop to all white Juries. They would never allow an all Black Jury because there would be Justices. To the Eliot on July 14 If you have a job and work with African Americans speak this what your’re saying face to face to one of them and let me known what happen?

  19. hayward powell on said:

    It seems to b open season.
    But, correct me if I’m wrong.
    THEN, claim a guy 50-70lbs lighter n weight than u opened a can of woop woop on u!?
    What happened to the MMA TRAINING? U FORGOT THAT, HUH?

  20. eliot on said:

    our media believes that white people cannot relate to minorities but minorities must relate to white people. Zimmerman followed the kid because he was black, had the boy been white he would still be alive. Anytime there is a racial issue, racial prejudice, racism you have a wall of problems

  21. millie on said:

    White america did not start with the not guilty verdict being disrespectful and treating us continuously like we are still in the days of Jim Crow. Are we pretending that we don’t see and hear the level of disrespect towards the President and the first family; it speaks volumes. When are we going to pull together as a race and demand equal justice and treatment? When are we going to pull together and STOP looking to white america,for acceptance, cause they continue to show black america that we have NO value. We can do it because we are so damn busy bashing each other and finding fault.
    “Pre Mecca” Malcolm X; is this where we are returning to?

    • JanCorey on said:

      Millie, black-America has a tremendous value, just look at the value of the billions and billions in dollars of money being wasted by welfare recipients that are comprised mostly of blacks, at least according to the statistics.

      • @Jancorey the welfare system was created for whites, FDR created all of that back in the time of

        the Depression so blacks do not make up all welfare. please get your information right, before you start running your WHITE DEVIL MOUTH… YOu seriously do not know what you are talking about,,GET IT RIGHT WHITE BOY OR WHITE GIRL… be-careful how you talk about what you think you know… GO back to school or the Library….

      • JanCorey on said:

        Joey, the welfare system has almost all black recipients on it, disproportionately-to-race, look it up. Facts do scare many people and I am sorry I scared you with real facts. Don’t take that personally, I am simply trying to help uninformed and uneducated people out there, especially to the facts of this where George Zimmerman was acquitted because he was found not guilty of any crime in his response to the beating he received from that illegally-high-thug-Martin.

      • jewellthief on said:

        TM wasn’t ‘illegally’ high and he wasn’t a thug, I know that’s disappointing to you….in the meantime, georgie boy was on drugs but wasn’t introduced in the case….had a criminal record for attacking a police officer (female) and having attacked his ex….

      • JanCorey on said:

        Jewellthief, the coroner’s report indicated Trayvon was high at the time he assaulted Mr. Zimmerman and the evidence indicated him to be a “wanna-be-gangsta” which many indicate the “thug-mentality”. JT, looks like you missed many parts of the trial so your out-of-touch rant is actually worthless to us educated viewers of the trial. May I suggest to you to just deal with the facts of the case and that may help to minimize your stupid comments and attacks against those that are better-informed than yourself. It’s obvious you remain jealous of people who are better informed. Mr. Zimmerman was on prescription medication which is legal, Trayvon was high on illegal drugs which is a violation of Law and yet another crime Trayvon committed the night he attacked Mr. Zimmerman. Facts, it’s an easier approach and will make one appear more logical than you imo.

      • millie on said:

        Regardless of all the statistical data that you may want or need to share, and all the other foolery you need to cite, this is what I do know for sure; THE LORD is gonna see George Zimmerman, the jurors and those under the table prosecutors about Trayvon Martin being gunned down and a not guilty verdict being rendered. Mark my word. Whether you believe in God or whom ever you believe in> LORD go see them all about it.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Millie, the Lord will make George Zimmerman an angel someday after he’s in his 100’s and he enters into heaven. I expect he will likely outlive all of his doubters and attackers, he is a Saint as well as a protector.

      • millie on said:

        If your comment wasn’t so sad I’d laugh. I see that you are a non believer, but the day will surely come when the light bulb is forced to go off in your head and you will be reminded of your lame comment. Things and situations have a way of coming back to you full circle and we are left with asking ourselves why did this happen. George Zimmerman will one day have to come clean with the true accounts of his actions. Don’t believe me. Keep living, Life is interesting.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Millie, your intoxication-level should not be a part of this blog to determine whether you actually understand the facts of this vase imo. I have never said I was a non-believer in Jesus Christ in your claim and allegation during your intoxication-episodes so you are clearly not understanding anything I, or any one else here, has tried to teach you about your own ignorance and this case. Things do not have a tendency to come back as you claim except to uninformed and uneducated people like yourself Millie. Facts speak for themselves, no matter how high you are on dope right now like Trayvon was high on dope. I expect you might have the same pot dealer looking at your attacks and your endless rants against the facts. Stay safe Millie, and make sure your joints are extinguished totally before you pass out yet again.

      • millie on said:

        Now, I will LOL, cause I see your light bulb is flickering. Your comment is all over the place. Shook you, did I? You may give out your rants here but ALWAYS REMEMBER >He sits high and looks low.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Millie, my comment was spot-on-target as I have gotten 29 responses already from copies of your comments I posted on several other sites, not all on WordPress. Every single one has something negative to say about your rants and some even want to know your exact location of GoogleMap to pay their respects to you, is that something I should forward to them about your unfounded and illogical attacks against real victims? let me know. If you need armed security, just let us all know too. Thanks a bunch. stay safe.

      • millie on said:

        You and those 29 people that you write about must clearly understand that I am NOT Trayvon Martin. He is the young man that George Zimmerman murdered in cold blood. That situation will not be repeated. I see the parallel with you and George Zimmerman. When you are not capable of using your words, which is how you seem to operate, in a cowardly manner, you resort to violence. Your threatening words are clearly documented and have been forwarded. So I suspect that those that you are sending after me;your 29 responses, as well as yourself, will be contacted soon and very soon. You’ve painted that picture, now you must live with and be held accountable for your actions and threats. One must always have and be allowed to voice their opinions but the threats have crossed boundaries that must and will be addressed. Understand this. Whatever information you think you are able to gather about me won’t come close to you knowing who I am. I believe in and will allow the legal system to defend me.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Millie, first off I didn’t read your entire comment/rant/attack, I stopped after you convinced me you do not understand the facts of this. Simple as that, and why you appear to be a racist bigot is beyond me, I just deal with the facts of this case. Sober up Millie and come back here when you can have a meaningful exchange of ideas. I just do not support racism as you do. Best of luck to you in your apparent drunkenness or medication-overdose Millie. Do you need us to contact 911 for you, they will respond to your IP-address within minutes. Let us know and good luck with your difficulties.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Received confirmation that you are a current mental patient, is that your carrer goal?

      • joey on said:

        @ millie do not even waste your time on this website with Jancorey because whatever the comments are its just someone making a statement and giving out wrong information, I do not answer any of there comments not with that Warrior PROject, pay attention they might be working for THE CIA so lets be careful on what we say,, he might be spying on us. YOU know how they send other black people to spy on us. and they give us a position you know how we can act. so I do not even bother.


    • JanCorey on said:

      If they follow your advise Joseph Winfield, they will spend decades in prison if not their whole life in prison for committing the crimes you are directing them to do. Is that what a real parent does to their own kids?

  23. JanCorey on said:

    Open season on black males? So, what has changed? The focus needs to be where is the bulk of the crime is originating from, that’s not racist, just factual.

    • jewellthief on said:

      ‘bulk’ of crime is not on all black people….if that were the case, I’d be a criminal, my sisters and my brothers-in-law would be too….and that’s not the case….

      • JanCorey on said:

        Jewellthief, you are wrong again. Proportionally, blacks are responsible for more crimes than any other race, look it up, it’s a fact. I realize you do not understand what the term “fact” is which is why you attack those who are better-informed than yourself and I do find pity for your ignorance on this topic. But, don’t despair, there is help for you, and your cure is simple; read and research in the right areas to help to fill in some of those areas you remain quite deficient and remiss of intelligence. Your jealousy is profound, but curable imo.

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