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I don’t think it’s a secret that women live longer than men. Studies have been proving this for years. One of the big reasons is that our immune systems age slower, but beyond that, Dr. Bradley Nelson says there’s more to it than that. For once, our emotions act to our advantage! Simply put, women are better at communicating feelings and connecting with others than men, which leads to better overall health. Yay for emotional women!

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Dr. Nelson says, “Emotional communication or lack thereof may be the main determining factor in how long or short life is. When the body is free of the negativity of trapped emotions and is able to remain in a state of relative balance, the immune system remains strong and able to fight against pathogens and disease.”

Check out the three secrets to why women live longer than men, according to Dr. Nelson:

Emotional Communication:

This is the big secret that women know, the piece of the puzzle men are missing that leads to poorer health and shorter lives: Women share what is on their hearts, while men often avoid talking about deeper feelings. “I saw hundreds of examples of this during my years as a holistic chiropractor,” Dr. Nelson says. “My male patients usually tended to keep conversation light and surface level. My female patients were the opposite. They would easily spill the beans about their difficult family relationships or stress at work, and communicated freely every tiny detail about their physical pains too.” In fact, it was this difference that led Dr. Nelson to initially explore how emotions affect physical health.

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