16 men in Houston are using their style and manhood to inspire the youth to be distinguished men through mentorship and community service.

Ladies, are you wondering what to get your man for Valentine’s Day? Well, there are a few things that are sure to make him smile. This year try giving bae some custom art, a good book, a new set of tools, a weekend vacation, or make him an amazing meal. Don’t Miss Out! Follow The […]

There are some annoying people on the internet and especially on Facebook! Those guys that like to comment under ladies pictures “you don’t need all of that makeup.” Women don’t get dressed to please men and women really don’t need or want men to tell them what they need. But, nothing is worse than the […]

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NEW YORK (AP) — A Gillette ad for men invoking the #MeToo movement is sparking intense online backlash, with accusations that it talks down to men and groups calling for a boycott. But Gillette says it doesn’t mind sparking a discussion. Since it debuted Monday, the Internet-only ad has garnered nearly 19 million views on […]

There are a lot of things that guys do that women don’t understand, so Guy breaks it down. A listener asked Guy why men take forever to reply to a text message. Well, it could be a number of things…maybe you’re his “plan B.” Or, maybe he’s married and was with his wife when you […]

Guys sometimes think they’re a ladies man, but they’re just creepy! They like old photos online and even like to stand really close to women. Also guys, don’t send photos to women if they didn’t ask for them! If she wants to see you, she’ll ask. And if you’re lucky enough to get a phone […]

Today is National Men Cook Day and Huggy is excited! He says, “women love a brother that can cook!” Every man has his go to meal, for some men its lasagna or lamb, but for Huggy it’s pot roast! He says the crockpot is the best wing man. Women get turned on as soon as […]

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DeVon Franklin’s new book, ‘The Truth About Men,’ encourages men to choose love over lust, plus gives women insight on how to navigate their relationships when issues arise. 

Damon thinks it’s time men start acting right and treating women like women before they start acting like men. If women start really acting like men, men would lose it. Imagine your girl borrowing your car and returning it to you on E, or worse, staying out all night without checking in. But on a […]

Men don’t like being described in certain ways, like adorable. Maybe call him handsome or sexy instead. They also don’t like distinguished either because it makes them feel old. Calling a man a dreamer comes off as a nice way to call him lazy. Men also don’t like the word lanky. Hear the rest of the […]

There are some things that only men find romantic, like proposing in super public places, such as a sporting event. And have you ever had a man walk with his hand in your back pocket? It just makes walking harder! Women do want their men to be romantic but these 10 things just don’t count. […]

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This week’s featured recipe with Chef Jernard Wells for REPRESENT Men’s Health is Walnut Kale Berry Salad with Scallops. Kale is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, mix that with some berries and salad and you are ready to go! A number of things in life can contribute to depression, but one that is […]