VIRGINIA WATER, England (AP) — Tiger Woods says the “fried chicken” comment from Sergio Garcia was hurtful and inappropriate. Two weeks after they verbally sparred at The Players Championship, Woods say it’s time to move on.

Garcia was at a European Tour awards dinner Tuesday night when he was jokingly asked if he would have Woods over for dinner during the U.S. Open. The Spaniard replied, “We’ll have him round every night. We will serve fried chicken.”

Woods took to Twitter on Wednesday and said the comment wasn’t silly, rather it was wrong and hurtful. He says he’s confident there is “real regret” the comment as made.

The world’s No. 1 player also said their flap is two weeks old and that “it’s long past time to move on and talk about golf.”

Garcia has since apologized for the comment.

6 thoughts on “Woods: Garcia ‘Fried Chicken’ Comment Hurtful, Time to Move On

  1. Who cares. Tiger doesn’t. because he knows and feels that he is not black, not even half black. He looks more Filipino than anything. The two issues I have with this situation is one, it is appalling to me how foreigners come to the US and try to align themselves with this white supremacist mentality. It is like they are jumping into a fight they don’t even know the history/details. And the second issue, I have is that no one, regardless of skin color, should tolerate this racial BS. It is everyone’s responsibility to fight against bigotry and discrimination. Tiger has a major platform that he should have used to expose racism for what it is and use this situation as a teaching moment towards understanding and improvement of race relations. But he did not because he is too busy running away from black stigma and his dark face. I expect that he will continue to win golf tournaments like the pro that he is, but he needs to learn that to whom much is given, much is expected!

  2. Silence is “sometimes” golden and winning can “sometimes” silence haters, however, there is a time for everything and with all of the racial slurs, code words and all that other stupid stuff they say that they think we do not get is awful. We have been “silent” too long…they do not respect the Kings/Queens that we are because they know we will stay “silent”. What has “silence” accomplished? Nothing!!! Maybe we should try standing up for something so that we do not fall for anything…besides, have you forgotten, Tiger doesn’t standup to these types of comments because he does not consider himself black. There will NEVER be a time where someone can direct comments like these at me and not respond. I AM BLACK AND PROUD AND WILL STAND ON A MOUNTAIN TOP TO SHOW MY PROUDNESS!!!

  3. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    Tiger you can win all day but they still disrespect you because you don’t demand it. You went in playing the “I am not gonna consider everything done to me as racial and we are all one card”. When folks disrepect you “YOU LOSE”. You are scared to say something back to him because you will defined as the “ANGRY BLACK MAN” because you went in being the “TOO NICE BLACK MAN” and you can say what you want to say to me and I am not going to do or say anything about it. Tiger you created own monster.

    • Tiger, I think you handled that the right way. Go out and play golf. Win some more jackets, that will shut them all up. I wish the Chris Brown’s, and the Rhianna’s of the world would do the same thing. Let your work speak for you.

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