Hollywood is full of glitz and glamor and greatness.   It also has bullying, backstabbing, boyfriend stealing, gossiping, cheating, punching, and all things not so glamorous.   Here are a few of the celebrity feuds that made headlines.

1. Nicki Minaj & Azelea Banks

Minaj made fun of Azealea Banks in her mobile app and that immediatly started a war between the two. However, Banks clappled back in a Facebook saying, “McDonalds sells a lot of burgers but no one is telling McDonalds that they’re the pinnacle of cuisine and taste. This is true for you.”

(Source: Essence)

2. Jay-Z & Trump

In January of 2018, rapper Jay-Z came onto journalist Van Jones new CNN show for an interview. On there Jay-Z talked about President Trump and that his comments about S-hole countries were wrong. Trump came back saying that Jay-Z needed to be informed that Black unemployment is at an all time low under him.

3. Dionne Warwick & Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin has a beef with Dionne Warwick after the singer threw some shade at her for not being at Whitney Houston’s funeral. In a statement sent to the Associated Press Franklin states, “she blatantly lied on me… fully well knowing what she was doing.”
(AP) (Source: Essence)

4. Kim Zolciak and Kenya Moore

Kim Zolciak and Kenya Moore are embroiled in a bitter battle that includes Zolciak accusing the beauty queen of making fun of her son. (Photo: Instagram/Pr Photos)

5. Keyshia Cole & Michelle Williams

Keyshia Cole was not impressed with Michelle Williams performance during the Super Bowl halftime and took to Twitter to voice her distaste. Michelle has not responded but fans of Destiny’s Child have her back. (PR/EURweb)

6. Rihanna & Ciara

Ciara should have known better…don’t even go there with Rihanna cause you ain’t got a chance in…well you know. Apparently, Ciara was a guest on E!’s “Fashion Police” and mentioned running into Rihanna at a party and shared with the viewers that Rihanna was less than nice. It was ON! (PR)

7. Michael Blackson & Kevin Hart

Comedian Michael Blackson got into it with fellow comedian Kevin Hart after making multiple jokes about the Hart cheating on his pregnant wife. Hart says Blackson had on place to be making jokes about that. During an interview with the Tom Joyner Morning Show Blackson believed Hart was being too sensitve and needed to calm down.

8. Chris Brown & Drake

These two infamously got into a bottle throwing brawl over Rihanna. Apparently, Chris’ posse sent a bottle over to Drake’s table and for some reason, this did not go over well. Again, it was ON! (PR)

9. Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj

Mariah was under the impression that she would be the only female judge on the American Idol panel. When rumors begin to surface that Nicki Minaj was also asked to join the AI team, Mariah was somewhat livid, to say the least. Even Nick chimed in with his two cents in defense of his wife . . . ‘It’s like putting ketchup on a filet Mignon.’ (PR)

10. Frank Ocean and Chris Brown

We have all been there . . . you are getting ready to pull into a parking space and someone zips in there before you know it. Yeah, ya get mad . . . but do you start slugging it out? If you’re Chris Brown . . . Of Course you do. That’s how he rolls. However, Frank Ocean plans to take the high ground and not press charges. PR)

11. Paris & Janet Jackson

There were reports that Janet Jackson and her niece Paris exchanged some harsh words as well as a slap (although this was denied by reps for the family). According to Tweets sent out by Prince Michael and Paris, there was a lot of animosity going on, even blaming their aunts and uncles of kidnapping their grandmother. Apparently, she was at a spa in Arizona and had no idea any of this was even happening. (PR)

12. Rihanna & Karreuche

Rihanna and Karreuche Tran have been going back on forth on Twitter for a few years now. Common denominator . . . Chris Brown. However, Karreuche is NO match for Rihanna. One example . . . when Rihanna landed the cover of Harper Bazaar last August. Rihanna just could NOT help herself, she tweeted to Karrueche and Draya: I’m a Real Model, F**k Your Fake Modeling Careers.(PR)

13. Donald Trump & Bill Maher

Apparently, Bill Maher thinks Donald Trump was fathered by an orangutang and said he would pay Trump $5M for his birth certificate to prove otherwise. Maher said this to Jay Leno when he was a guest on the show. Not having (now or ever) a sense of humor, Trump is now suing Maher for $5M after providing Maher with the documents proving his dad was no ape.

14. Katt Williams & Faizon Love

The very tiny and very big comedian had a very public spat where Love alleged Katt threatened him with a gun. (PR)

15. Sean Penn & Wyclef Jean

After the deadly earthquake in Haiti, actor Sean Penn lashed out at Haitian-born artist Wyclef Jean for not doing more for his country. Jean responded by saying, “I got a message for Sean Penn: Maybe he ain’t see me in Haiti because he was too busy sniffing cocaine.” (PR/AP)

16. Phaedra Parks & Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks take feuding to the highest level possible. They beef over EVERYTHING . . . from booties, class, to clothes; these two are not fans of each other. (PR)

17. Beyonce & Keri Hilson

In this one sided feud, Keri threw shade at Beyonce in her song “Turnin Me On” where she wrote She can sing, but need to move it ‘to the (left)’ / She need to go have some babies / She needs to sit down, she fadin’/ Go ‘head and tell them folks how long I been writing your songs / I been puttin you on, just check the credits.” I’m guessing Beyonce responded with check my bank account. (PR)

18. Tyler Perry & Spike Lee

It is no secret that Spike Lee is not a fan of Tyler Perry movies, even going to the extreme calling them ‘Buffoonery’ and Tyler has had enough. He finally responded with ‘Spike Lee can go straight to hell. BAM. (AP)

19. Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose

Before these two became pregnant, each accused each other of boyfriend stealing. Rose said Kim was a “home wrecker” for sleeping with Kanye while they were still an item, while Kim’s camp accused Amber of doing the same with Reggie Bush while he was still with Kim. One word, MESSY! (PR)

20. Star Jones & NeNe Leakes

During their “Celebrity Apprentice” days NeNe Leakes and Star Jones were tangled in a beef where NeNe went as far as to call Star “bossy, manipulative, and conniving.” (PR)

21. Grace Jones & Lady Gaga

Grace Jones believes she has a clone in Lady Gaga who she believes stole her unique style. Jones once told reporters, “I’ve seen some things she’s worn that I’ve worn, and that does kind of piss me off.” Jones even declined working with Gaga citing that she preferred to work with more original people. (AP)